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For the haters of Dell

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Not4Resale, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Is this the same dribble or are they onto something special?

    Alienware M11x

    I need to get a new machine for uni so lightweight and good battery life are a must and I heard this thing can play call of duty 2 at a pretty descent frame rate...

    But on the other hand, its pricey for a netbook, has no optical drive and is 2 kilos fat.

    I would rather buy Asus but Dell might have hit the nail on the head with this one...

    We have lots of IT people on NR, what do the professionals think?
  2. ow much?

    aalienware is normally waaaaay overpriced
  3. Doesn't look to bad. I am surprised at the battery lift being at what it is. Most alienware lappys i have come across you can barely get enough battery life to boot the behemoth without having the charger in.
    I'd def up the RAM to 4gig and if you can dish out the cash go the biggest ssd drive you can. They are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

    Oh and it will increase your productivity. Red keys mean faster typing. BOO YEAHHH!!!

    yes I have been drinking.

    It is quite expensive compared to the eeepc, but it does spec up alot higher.
  4. Personally, I reckon if you wanted to get something as small as 11".. you don't need it to be fancy

    How often are you going to be gaming while at uni?

    Plus playing a game on such a small screen with a small keyboard might not be so easy to do.

    Why not get like a $200 netbook and then something decent for at home?


    PS: And how do you plan to install Modern Warfare 2 without an optical drive? :p
  5. ass much as i hate netbooks id get one for uni. maybe an lenovo x
  6. you can custom spec a laptop for much cheaper than buying an alienware system, but then again a lot of Defence organisations use alienware systems.
  7. lol. they use dell. because of contract. alienware in defence? c'mon? red keys and leds are soo tac
  8. I'd get whichever one has a keyboard big enough to actually type on.
  9. Personally, I agree with Dcypher. I'd pass on that.

    I don't really see a point in having a laptop with high-end performance bits, especially for something with an 11" screen. That should make it nice & portable, but you'd be hard pressed to do any real gaming on such a screen, and high-performance bits would probably do more harm on battery life than on a similarly sized, more work-oriented laptops. And the price as well...

    Just my 2 cents.
  10. starts with 4gb of ram

    the dual core model goes for like $1600.

    The issue with battey life is that it uses its graphics card to switch modes. If you are word processing you get like 6 hours and its halved if you are gaming.

    I don't mind an 11 inch screen, if the machine is more portable for it i'm happy. I like the idea of CoD4 2ing when i'm meant to be listening in lectures.
  11. So they've got 3D screens now?


    Cheap a three times the asking price to have that isn't it?
  12. From seeing the Alienware laptops I think they are a fantastically built option.
    But they are obscenely priced.
    So… if you have to ask you are probably not hard core enough to get the most out of it and should save your cash for…
    An after market exhaust or something that really matters to you :D
  13. Lilley also brings up a good point. You also want to consider the keyboard size. Anything smaller than say, 13" laptops, the keyboard starts to get pretty cramped for typing up a lengthy report.

    Basically, if the uni work is absolutely secondary to performance and portability (though I find these two attributes are somewhat inversely related), and you're okay with paying extra for the arguably gimmicky styling, I suppose this can fir the bill.
  14. Whats your budget, pref Screen size?

    I would not buy that.....specs are piss poor.

    There have been a few bargain machines out lately....

    Check out these and save some pennies, assuming you were like me when you were at school. Poor.


    I know the catch of the day one has sold out, but keep your eyes open.

    I have Ozbargain as a RSS feed so i keep my eye on it most of the time.

    Just incase you didn't know what ozbargain was...check it out

    I personally bought a Macbook.
    only reason why:

    I wanted to learn how to use it thoughraly for when i do start work, its been a big help learning OSX.

    But i have come to realise it is actually a pretty solid unit, has some cool features like a magnetic charger plug and the sleep/wake times on OSX are brilliant, The battery life in OSX is much better then any windows based laptop i have used, It cost me about $1300 (overpriced) just over a year ago i believe. 9600GT, 2.0ghz dual core, 2gb ram. Ram is easy to upgrade, the graphics card is nice for a laptop (was at the time) and the cpu is pretty bare minimum these days. Needless to say, its been reliable so far, its been shaken around alot during car/bike trips and is still running sweet. Ive never dropped it though so i can't comment on that...anyway my advice would be get a budget first off. and get the best for your dollar. If you are not going to be playing games and just office/msn/emails, get something cheap with at least 2gb ram and a low end cpu (2.0ghz+), i think every laptop includes all the necessasity standard...wireless, ethernet, usb's. If it doesn't its probably second hand.

    And oh boy ive ranted way more then i thought i would.....
  15. I'm not a fan of gaming laptops.

    Do you game when your at University ?

    If you don't game at Uni, get a cheap refurbished laptop for your Uni work. You could spend around $300 and still get a laptop that will see you through your whole degree with no problems ! The other advantage is that every second person who sees it wont want to steal it, so you won't have to take your laptop into the library toilets with you ! Also, you won't be kicking yourself in a years time when the new fang dangle gaming laptop comes out :)

    Check out http://www.laptopfactoryoutlet.com.au/exlease.htm - I've bought from these guys before with good results. they usually give you a warranty also.

    That leaves you at least $1,000 to start building your own kick-ass gaming PC ! With a real sized monitor !! Unlike motorbikes, it can be cheaper to buy the bits separtely and put it together yourself. This also has the advantage that you can upgrade components as you go along, which will prolong the life of your PC and give you more choice.

    The other advantage of having two computers is that you can keep one clean for internet banking, personal stuff. Then the other you can use to download torrents and do whatever other stuff that, cough, erm I don't know anything about because I never do .... :)
  16. I think for uni that alienware laptop is a bit of overkill. You only need a basic one to get you thru uni and since you want to game then obviously you need some extras on it to be able to. I got thru uni and obtained my degree without a laptop at all. If your adamant you want one then may I suggest jump on board to whirlpool and ask the question there as there are thousands of people in the it industry there whom will give you expert advice.
  17. The new MacBook Pro 13" has just been released, it's got a solid aluminium case (much stronger than any plastic laptop) and it's got a custom 320M graphics solution which is good enough for casual gaming.

    Not only a better laptop, but a better LOOKING laptop too!
  18. id be all over that catch of the day 12" netbook. save your money. laptops go out of tech quick
  19. I have quite a nuggest machine at home for gaming but I do like to have a bludge sometimes at uni. I probably shouldn't but between intensive study periods, a good game can go a long way!

    I despise dell but with the overclocking capabilities of this machine, i'm genuinely intrigued. Alternatively there is the ASUS UL80Vt. This actually looks like a pretty sweet machine and the battery life is up to 12 hours!

    and its cheaper!!!

    just no shiny led keyboard backlights :rofl:
  20. Just SOLD OUT.