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For the Guys with 2+ bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr_Ignorant, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. This is in regards to owning a commuting bike and a weekend bike.

    Are you actually better off owning a $7k bike for commuting and a $20k+ bike for weekend use only versus just a $20k+ bike that is used for both?

    My numbers are very rough but I figure a $7k bike will set me back roughly $1.3k/yr for rego, 3rd party property (not comprehensive) and depreciation. A $20k bike will set me back maybe $4.5k for the same items giving a total of $5.7k for the 2 bikes. If I had just the $20k bike I would figure the rego, insurance and higher depreciation due to more kms to come in around $5k.

    The depreciation is something I’m not exactly sure how to factor in, nor the effect 40,000kms will have when I try to sell a $20k bike 2yrs later for $14k. Is a $20k - $14k drop over 2 yrs for that amount of kms to little? Would I expect to lose more? I prefer to buy only 1 bike if I can rather than 2 as I will have to cram 3 bikes and a car into my garage.

    I'd appreciate any input you guys could give me so i can make the right decision.
  2. You still have to pay reg and insurance on the 20k bike.
    Granted insurance can be cheaper because you only use the bike on weekends, but i dont think it would make that much difference, or at least not enough to warrant a second reg and insurance that you dont need.

    I think the bigger issue is the risk in commuting on a 20k bike. If you smash it, you smash a nice bike and might not have a way to get to work tomorrow.

    If i could afford both though, i wouldnt be fussed at how much money i was spending on junk like rego, id have too much money for that crap.
  3. A good way to check depreciation prices is buying checking out how much a 2year old model of the bike that you have is costing.

    Also dont forget to factor in petrol- I can roughly get about 200 kilometers more on my commuter bike than my other one plus petrol prices are going up
  4. It depends can you do your commute on a 250? I ride my xt as a commuter because I don't care what happens to it. If it gets knocked over or I get drop it chances are I can get it fixed for next to nothing. It also uses sweet fa fuel and tyres, chains and sprockets all last forever and are cheap to replace.
  5. Money isn't all it comes down to, you have to factor in;
    - Awesomeness of having a choice of what to ride
    - Ability to ride one whilst the other is being serviced / fixed / modded
    - The site of TWO bikes in your garage
    - Fun fun fun

    Who says you need to spent $7k on the commuter? And what bike are you talking about thats $20k+? IMO any bike 20k+ will depreciate much more per km, therefore having a cheap banger (esp if its more fuel efficient, cheaper to maintain, easier to ride in traffic, etc.) is likely very worth it.

    My favourite commuter is gpx250, simply because 4-4.5k can get you something 3 years old with bugger all kms on it, and gets 450kms from an 18L tank.
  6. Maths obviously isn't your strong point which may be part of your problem. 4.5 + 1.3 = 5.8 not 5.7 but I digress.

    I have 3 bikes 2 of which I use regularly. the 3rd being sold soon. Of the 2 I'm keeping, I bought the second as a commuter so as not to rack up too many k's and therefore depreciation on my weekend bike. I factored in servicing as well, which is cheaper on my commuter as I can do almost all of it myself being that it is an easy bike to work on. I wouldn't want to be using a 20k bike for communting on a regular basis either.

    As phizog said, having a selection is bloody awesome. Tough decision at times. Certainly is useful when 1 is off the road as he mentions.

    Any $20000 bike is going to lose an easy $2000 in depreciation in it's first few months.

    What bikes are you refering as you choices?
  7. You have the numbers wrong. $2k for commuter bike, and only third party insurance on it.
    Buy something chap and plentiful.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. well I spent $18000 (on road)on my zx12r 06
    today they are valued at $13500
    thats nearlt 3 years on(yes they came out in 05)
    Ive done 31000km
    had 3 bikes when i first got the 12 then got rid of the other 2
    choice as said before plays a bike part in what you ride
    Get up and think hmmm might take my 12 instead of the rf600
    ended up i was only riding 1 bike
    still cost are higher (tyres etc)
  9. $13500 value by who ?

    you are not going to get near that imho


    buy a litre bike for $16500 , do 40K in 2 years and you will see maybe $9K if you are lucky

    combined with the tyre use that cost twice as much and last half as long as a 250

    as mentioned GPX is a good choice for commuter , cheap to buy, cheap to run and maintain and suffers little depreciation , buy one for $4K , sell it in 2 years for $3K and get another
  10. Everyone should own as many motorbikes as will fit in their house, garage shed and garden.

    Cost doesn't come into it.
  11. unless you live in the real world eh? :p
  12. Yup, another top response, PatB. ;-)

    If you spend around $5000 per bike and don't worry about having the newest, biggest, fastest thing around, you can fit at least 5 bikes in for the 2 the OP had thought about.

    Then again, if new is important, I believe the shiny Pagsta can be had for less than 5 biggies.

    All the best

    Trevor G
  13. 7k on a commuter? Man, that's overkill!

    Get a CD250, SR250, XT250 or something for around $2000 for a nice one. Insurance won't cost you much, depending on your age etc.

    Your weekend bike, no matter how much you ride it will still cost a crapload to keep insured because it's worth 20k.

    Also, on a little 250 with smaller tyres etc running costs are muchas smaller.

    But hey, if you're willing to spend $7,000 on a commuter I'd get a DR650 and a set of motard rims and swap them over. You can do some long distance tours, some offroading and some hooning. For 20k + I'd get four great weekend bikes. :grin:
  14. P
    I never said they all had to work. Most of mine never did, but it was nice to have them around :grin: .
  15. This thread makes me seem like a bum. I have one weekend bike which i commute an do everything on. It cost me less than 7 big ones :D

    Ive got the car as a second form of transport if the bike is outa action/vice versa.
    I rack up alot of ks on my r1, but i got it pretty cheap so its not like im losing heaps of money in the first place. It had lotsa kw when i bought it anyway.

    I think it depends how many k's you do. Lots of ks means more depreciation, more expensive consumables tyres ect more juice.....

    As for calculating depreciation.

    (Initial cost - trade in value) / time you keep the bike in years

    so say you buy for $20k new, your keeping it for 5 years and it will be worth 10k in 5 years

    20-5 / 5 = 3
    Therefore its cost you $3k per year in depreciation.
  16. interesting maths is a pervasive problem in this thread...

    Unless you are riding something really special, you can buy a lot of depreciation, fuel and rubber for the running costs of a second bike.
  17. gpx is an ace commuter, if you dont care how it looks, it will sit on 120 all day, and use bugger all petrol/tires etc. Pick one up for 3ish.

    Then you have 4 grand to buy another bike!

    You should have the following....

    Dirt bike
    Trials bike
    Track bike
    Your favorite bike(this is the weekend bike)

    If you intend on keeping your favorite bike(our 20 grand job) forever, then get a commuter. If you dont...cycle through them about once every 2 years.
  18. mr ignorant, why dont you get your 1098 for commuting & your mv augusta for the weekends?? :wink: :wink:
  19. I have a new gsxr 1000 and i ride every day as well as my weekend fun. I have had other sportsbikes before the gsxr that i rode every day.
    I personally couldn't be bothered riding a 250 commuter to work. The riding to and from work adds fun to my day as i enjoy it. If i was driving on the other hand it would feel like more working hours to my day.
  20. the whole idea of buying a bike, and intending to put very few kms on it, is just absurd.