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For the Beer Lovers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jd, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Results of this years Beer Awards are in (actually had an invite to the ceremony but couldn't go 'cause of my busted leg :cry:). For those that consider quality beer as more than just a "Crownie" the list is as follows:

    Champion LAGER
    Ursus Breweries, Timisoreana (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

    Champion ALE
    Little Creatures Brewing, Little Creatures Pale ale (WA)

    Wig & Pen Brewery & Tavern – Mr Natural (ACT)

    Champion STOUT
    Deschutes Brewery, Obsidian Stout (Simpson Bend, Oregon, USA)

    Champion PORTER
    Redoak P/L, Redoak Old Baltic Porter (NSW)

    Champion WHEAT
    Weihenstephan Brewery, Weihenstephan Kristall (Germany)

    Champion SPECIALTY
    Feral Brewing Company, Feral White (WA)

    Champion International SMALL brewery
    Colonial Brewing Co (WA)

    Champion International LARGE brewery
    Deschutes Brewery (Simpson Bend, Oregon, USA)

    Champion AUSTRALASIAN Brewery
    Colonial Brewing Co (Western Australia)

    Best New Exhibitor
    Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven B.V. (Tilburg, Netherland)

    Knappstein Enterprise Brewery, Reserve Lager (SA)

    Fosters Abbotsford – Stella Artois

    GRAND CHAMPION – Overall highest scoring beer
    Weihenstephan Brewery, Weihenstephan Kristall (Germany)
  2. ...strange...

    ... don't see VB there...
  3. thats because they didn't have the "cold monkey piss" category :LOL:
  4. my beer list -

    corona - with a meal, and with a meal only
    vb - out of my mates dads garage fridge
    carlton draught - in a pot, at the pub
    toohey's extra dry - all the time coz the sister and the mrs drink it so let me buy a slab, not waste money on 6 packs.
  5. Once you brew your own, it's hard to look back.

    Nothing else seems to have flavour.
  6. Mmmm, brettanomyces :LOL:.
  7. I LOVE this stuff. I can drink my body weight in it. If you head to Freo, do your self a favour and get on the gas at the actual brewry. A top day can be had and you only a drunken stagger to the local goal for the nightly lock up.
  8. Awesome, Canberra is known mainly for politicians and now light beer :roll: :oops:
  9. Don't forget the p0rn and Fireworks... :LOL:
  10. Ahhhh fyshwick, one of Canberra's best known suburbs! Where would we be without it! :p
  11. Interesting how of the 8 Australian beers represented, (7 really as Stella Artois is a Belgian beer under license), 4 are from WA...I knew there was a reason I moved here :grin:
  12. Don't forget about the weed man :shock:
  13. Well, as a committed beer lover I'm a slab in to bottling mynewest homebrew... Kilkenny.

    Next up should be a chocolate porter. Hmmm.. which chocolate to add? Last time I made a chocolate beer (a chocolate dark ale) I used Lindt Ecuadorian Chocolate.....

    Still got about a dozen longnecks of that left...

    Hmmm... I want to have a go at making a Carlsberg Elephant beer too, with the mint leaves. It's always so hard to choose what to make next....
  14. WHAT ???? You KIlled KennnnnnnnnY :p :LOL:
  15. yeah homebrew is awesome. ive been living away from home for 4 years and ive been homebrewing for 5.
    ive made lagers, pilsners, stouts, porters, ales, cervesa's and right now got a batch of draught happily bubbling away.

    ..... bubble bubble bubble drink me ....bubblebubble...you kknow you want to bubblebubble
  16. when i turned 18 i got a home brew kit from my mother. what a gift lol. i used to make so many batches but somehow we never had any to drink. a really good tip, i used to put 1.5-2kg of sugar in it to get pissed quicker a few blew up but the majority were ok. i couldnt wait to drink them either could my mates so we would let them sit for maybe a week then go for it :LOL: mmmmm the colour would be enough to put u off and so could the amount of sediment. :sick:
  17. Thats probably a good reason NOT to put 2kg of sugar and drink it after a week....

    To do homebrew properly you need a lot of bottles (so they can age a little more than "last tuesday") and a constant production line process.

    It requires dedication - to both the brewing AND the drinking.