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For tha bike

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. I needs one, I wants one

    Should mount pretty easy above the front guard, eh?


  2. . . . . . . great, now wait for TNDad-USA to get excited !
  3. Settle down, settle down. There's at least a 25 minute waiting period while we check your primary school certificate for authenticity before you can take these babies home today, sir.
  4. woo! i wants 2 in every colour you got.
  5. sorry ktulu, ya gunna need a bigger bike or one on the back as well as the front to prevent the sea saw effect.
  6. gives a whole new meaning to tailgunner nuk nuk nuk

  7. Ummm errr ummmm mum said I didnt have to finish primary school, as long as I could count to 100 she said that was fine, also I had to learn how to shoot deer apparntly, but that thing couldnt miss a deer, so I am in luck! :grin:
  8. I would love to read TND's justification for needing one of those in his arsenal... :rofl:
  9. TNDs justification;

    well, i decided to put the first one on because, well, you just never know. then i wondered if i should back it up with a second, because, you just never know. then that got me thinking, maybe a third, just to be sure, cause like, you never know when you're gunna need one.

    what if i found myself in a position where i needed one? what then eh? i would be kicking myself that i never did it. cause you know, you never know.