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For Sellers of bikes/cars etc long thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by The_brick, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. This is a long thread about bike sale fraud.

    I listed my gladius on bikes sales the other day.
    Been a good response but most want the Lams version.
    Got an email equiry about the bike ask firm price and condition.
    Was not happy about question, because if you viewed the bike you will see it has only 113km on the clock and the photo's show the bike as new.
    Sent an email back staying if you have veiwed the ad then you would have seem that the bike is in show room condition, and told him I would take $8500 firm.
    went away and didnt think much of it.

    Later that day another email, (now I will copy and paste just so you can see what happened next)

    "Hi mate,thanks for mailing back,am ok with the condition and the price,am buying it for my son who just graduated from the University of Auckland.i won't be able to come for the inspection due to my work basis.i will be paying you through PayPal,pls get back to me with your PayPal details so i can proceed with payment and contact the courier agent that will come to pick it up and deliver to my son's location.
    Await your reply....."

    I'm thinking cool sold the bike but hmmm what about? so replied

    I tried to call you but dont get a reply.
    The bike is under a secured loan, not to worry will pay it out straight away
    do you wont RWC?
    where are you sending bike if OS RWC will not count.
    call me on ++++++++++

    Now thing start to get funny look at how the english has changed

    "Will call you when am chanced,cos i work long hours,but you can send me your PayPal email so i can proceed with payment ASAP"

    Thinking this guy is in a hurry, and if I give my paypal email it will not hurt so replied
    My paypal email is *****@********.com
    fund will take 3 -5 days to transfer then I will have too have the bike released from the loan, most likely take 1 or 2 days more

    Now nearly straight away recieved reply

    "ok mate,i'll be making the payment ASAP but i'll need to hear from my pickup agent regarding the pickup arrangement"

    thinking ok well is easy if payment goes through I will be happy and proceed with the sale. I dont care were or what happens too the bike once it is paid for.
    Next email which looks like a real email from paypal

    "Dear The_Brick,(name changed by me)
    This email confirms that Mark Fred has sent you $9,550 AUD
    View the details of this transaction here:

    Payment Details:


    Transaction ID: ***************

    Item # Item Title Quantity Price Subtotal

    SUZUKI SFV650 1 $8,500.00
    AUD $8,500.00

    Shipping & Handling
    (includes any seller handling fees) $1,050.00

    Shipping Insurance (optional): ------

    Total: $9,550.00


    This is to inform you that you are required to send a sum of $950.00 AUD to the address below via western union money transfer and get back to us with the relevant information which you will be provided with after the money has been sent, you are requested to email us the Mtcn(Money Transfer Control Number) , sender's name and address used to make the transfer .As soon as we have received these information from you, we will credit a sum of $9,550.00 AUD to your PayPal account.Below is the address where the money is to be sent to using western union money transfer.

    Agent's Info: Brown Cooper
    37 Upper George Street Luton,
    Beds, LU1 2RG, United Kingdom...

    Address Status: Confirmed


    Please note:
    We wish to inform you that Mark Fred has made his intentions known to PayPal that he will like $950.00 AUD to be sent to the recipient's address above via Western Union Money Transfer.


    Note:As this transaction was done via our e-mail payments service, any inquiries and necessary information should be sent to us by directly replying to this message, because of the status of this transaction, it has not been passed on to our customer care phone service section,and all inquiries should be directed to this e-mail address as it is the one monitored for your transaction.

    This payment has been deducted from the buyer's account and has been " APPROVED" but will not be credited into your account until the MTCN # is sent to us for verification, so as to secure both the buyer and the seller. Below are the relevant information required before your account will be credited:


    All you have to do is to reply directly to this mail with the MTCN #,Secret questions and answers,sender's name and address used when sending the money. Once it has been verified and the details above sent to us, you will receive a "CONFIRMATION E-mail" from Pay PalĀ® Service informing you that your account has been credited with $9,550.00 AUD.

    Please, understand that this is a security measure intended to help protect both the Buyer and the Seller.We apologize for the inconvenience that has caused you.

    Because of the inconvenience this causes we are giving you the next two incoming transfers for free! You will pay no fees for your next two incoming transfers*.

    Thank you for using PayPal!

    * - If fees would normally apply, you will not pay anything for the next two incoming transfers you receive.

    PayPal Security"
    This email had all the security checks that paypal uses
    right name
    right information looked like the real thing!

    I replied to him again saying that I'm not doing this because I thought it was a fake.

    his reply
    "Hi mate,the money has already been deducted from my acct and ready to be credited into your acct once you provride the MTCN details to PayPal,your acct will be credited almost immediately and my pickup agent will be contacted to come for the picku"

    This was last night, this morning got an email from paypal threatening legal action.
    Contacted Paypal and they reply quickly

    "Dear The_brick,

    Thank you for contacting PayPal, my name is Susan and I am happy to assist you today.

    Thank you for bringing this suspicious email/activity to our attention.
    Basically we do know of a scam that fraudulent buyers do using PayPal to defraud sellers and it is a good decision to be cautious about it. Do not send money to whom this person claims the pick up agent, I do not see any funds in your PayPal account which we placed on hold.
    Essentially it is a scam that you are being lured into.

    You may forward the email to spoof@paypal.com to help us find out where these emails are coming from. I attached here an article for more security tips."

    So even though this has been a long thread I hope that any others out there will not get caught out by these ^**^%^& people.

    And if you want to buy the gladius its still for sale!
  2. dude this has happened numerous times and people have posted it up on netrider, im surprised u didnt check or ask here first and that u actually went through with it, id be changing all my passwords if i was u
  3. If the buyer can't/won't meet you: it's a scam.

    If they are paying by any means other than cash/bank cheque on pickup: it's a scam.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of online vehicle sales.
  4. I had some good fun with these...
    My add was for $2000, when he asked for the final total I said $20,000 and I got an email that said $20,000 had been added to my account.
  5. Thanks for such a detailed OP Brick. I wondered how they could scam Paypal, but they don't really do they. The Western union thing is the dead give away. They make $950 for each scam. Nice one.

    This has come up on NR a few times, but it NEVER HURTS to have it come up again and again as a reminder. There's new blood on NR all the time. :)
  6. Maybe one of our esteemed mods could make it a sticky in the relevant forum:wink:
  7. ...esteemed... in that case, needs to be someone else. LOL
  8. Just a little add-on regarding these scams.

    If they offer payment via PayPal, just send them a payment request from you PayPal account ... can be done from site or via your own email.
    It has all the info they need (actually, I think it's just a button) to make the payment ... without providing enough info to rip you off.

    If they refuse to use it, they're crooks.

    Also, beware of easy sales, ie people come to buy a vehicle, pay your asking price ... then the next day you get a phone call saying that the engine blew up, etc ... could also be a scam.
  9. Thanks Smee, like your work:applause:
  10. Or just the sawdust you put in your bikes before you sell them... :p

    (Anyway, in any case, it'd be "caveat emptor"; you're not an LMCT, there is no warranty requirement)