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For Sale: Suzuki SV650S (2007, blue)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by dryfter, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. SOLD!

    Suzuki SV650S K7 (ie. 2007 model)

    One owner. Low kms, at about 16,000 Km.
    Bike is in excellent condition, and has been serviced regularly, and ridden with mechanical sympathy. Never dropped, no accidents.
    Bike comes with oggy knobs and a Devil Magnum exhaust, which sounds awesome. (It has a baffle that can be inserted to turn the volume down.)

    Bike has just been serviced, has rego until Jan 2012, and Victorian buyers will receive a Roadworth Certificate.

    Looking for $6500.

    A bunch of photos of the bike available here: http://s378.photobucket.com/albums/oo224/wintrmute/SV650/

  2. Nice clean looking bike you got there. Hope it sells for you in no time.
  3. have the curvy version, great bikes.

    good luck
  4. Still looking to sell this one, as I'm picking up my new bike in a few days..
    Have had offers between $5500 and $6000 so far.. anyone interested just above $6000?
    Also, I'll probably have to put a new front tyre on as part of the Roadworthy.
  5. Am I going to have to wait until spring to sell this? :/
  6. you got it advertised elsewhere?
  7. Netrider, svdownunder.com, eBay, and bikesales.com.au

    Anywhere I'm missing?
  8. I've only ever bought and sold thru trading post. Not everyone uses the net and some people prefer the printed trading post. Could put a 4 sale sticker on your bike like cagers do. It's a nice bike and good luck with it coupled with some patience.
  9. try trading post like suggested above.

    beautiful bike at a great price!
  10. Gumtree :)
  11. I forgot - I did advertise it there too, but I all I got was scammers wanting it posted to Nigeria and such like :/
  12. UPDATE: I have a (only verbal) agreement on a purchase now.
  13. Bike has sold! Thanks all.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.