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For Sale CBR600 F4i Pipes, Corbin Seat, and Top Ventura bag rack

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Brij, Apr 13, 2011.

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  1. For Sale to fit CBR600 F4i - Left over bling after my baby was stolen came with the bike, all in great condition. Don't think the corbin seat has ever been used.
    Ballistic Carbon Fibre slip on $100
    Stock F4i Slip on $100
    Corbin Seat $80
    Ventura Bag rack (bottom brackets not included) Size 19 $40

    Location: Northcote
    PM me for details if interested.


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  2. I'll take the Corbin and the rack (if it fits my bottom bracket, which I think is Ventura). I'll think about the stock slipon, too.
  3. No probs Grue. Does either sat arvo or one evening next week suit?
  4. Sat should be just fine. I've gotta burn some fuel this weekend so the tank is easier to move for some repairs early in the week anyway :angel:
  5. Corbin seat and rack now sold. Still have pipes available.
  6. Can u post the carbon pipe, have a mate looking for one??
  7. MJMOO - there's already a pic of it up dude. Did you miss it or did you want some other ones?
  8. Sorry man! Can you post/ freight it for me ?
  9. Hey there, I hadn't thought about it. was just going to get someone to collect it. Where are you located?
  10. OK folks, want to get rid of these pipes. $100 for both - The Carbon and the stock. Pick up only. - Melb
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.