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For Sale: A Warning

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by es, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Boost your coolness factor; buy a warning!!!

    One warning is up for grabs here today, and you dont even have to work for it!

    Just pay in cash or money order and you can be as cool as groberts and dazza and almost as jerky as Loz!!!!!

    Bidding starts at 20c
    cats is current highest bidder with $3.00
  2. Naaa... that's cheating

    Don't count unless you give em to yourself, eh Loz :p
  3. umm how much?
  4. bidding starts at 20 cents... best offer wins ;)
  5. Does it come with a certificate of authenticity?

    Throw in a set of steak-knives, and we might have a deal.
  6. certificate of authenticity yes, knives no, but unwanted xmas pressies (aka pillow slips) will be thrown in the deal if I get a good enough offer ;)
  7. ill up to a buck

  8. ...........no I better not :LOL:
  9. You would be on a real money-spinner if you could sell bonus post counts.

    Hmmm. I could even overtake the illustrious Hornet600.
  10. If we buy this warning, can we get it assigned to other people? :-k

    Or would that cost extra? :LOL:
  11. In the spirit of corruption and vice which seems to characterise this thread, I hereby offer for auction 100 post counts to the highest bidder. Proceeds will go to the Jacqui Gray laptop appeal.

    Come on, you know you want to, they're only slightly used, and come with a certificate of authenticity that not one of them consisted only of emoticons :LOL:
  12. humm...I could maybe delete 100 of your posts? :p hehe
  13. Not to hijack this thread, or upstage your sale, but...

    I've got one to give away, just come and take it. I don't want it anymore!
  14. Mr.bigg... hate to burst your bubble but your gunna have to come up with some bribery money to get rid of it ;)
  15. Aww, c'mon Eswen, who would that benefit??

    No, wait, don't answer that question :LOL:
  16. So I guess it will stay then!

    Maybe if I put a chain and lock around it and turn my back for a minute...

    (Hey, it worked for Homer and his trampoline!)

    "Tramampoline, tramopoline!" lol.

    Sigh, twas worth a try.
  17. Will i be considered cool and a total badass if i have a warning next to my name??
  18. absolutly kraven, absolutly!!
  19. Mabye i could just do something naughty and get a warning for free instead of paying you to give me one.

    nah i'm too nice
  20. hehehe i dare you...
    i double dare you...