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For sale: 2006 Honda VTR250 (Black)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by gundy, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. For sale: Black 2006 Honda VTR250

    $4,700 o.n.o.


    It's almost unrestricted license time for me, and although I'd quite like to keep this _and_ get another bike, that's unfortunately not an option :( I therefore have a black 2006 VTR250 in great condition up for sale.

    This bike has been fantastic in the time that I've owned it. It's been used as an occasional commuter as well as a weekend rider. It's taken me on many great netrider group rides, and has opened my eyes to the joy of motorcycling. I'm going to miss it when it's gone.

    This bike has been well looked after. I bought it around this time last year, and at the time Brett from Madbiker gave it a thorough pre-purchase check. He also gave the bike it's first service of my ownership, which included giving it a new chain, new spark plugs, fluids etc. Since then it's also been serviced by Pete at E2W. It had both tyres replaced with Pirelli Sport Demons, fluids replaced again, and generally saw some of Pete's magic being applied.

    The bike has been running brilliantly for me - it's never missed a beat in the time that I've been riding it.

    Km's: Currently 31xxx (but it's still being used, so that's subject to change).


    - The bike comes with a Megacycle exhaust. I believe this was probably one of the last few that Ken made :/ (the original exhaust is included too, although the original does have a couple of very minor cosmetic scratches).
    - LED indicators (original indicators and flasher can included too)
    - Oggy knobs
    - GiPro gear indicator (shows what gear you're in, can be configured to flash when you go over a set speed).

    The bike comes with a fairly fresh set of Pirelli Sport Demon tyres.

    The bike has been garaged since I've owned it. The previous owners appear to have cared for it too. It's never been dropped during my ownership, and it doesn't have any damage that would make me think it's been dropped at all.

    The rego is valid until Feb 2013. I will happily supply a RWC with the bike. Anything that needs sorting for the roadworthy will be sorted prior to handover.

    The bike also comes with two keys.

    If you would like to see this bike in person, arrange a pre-purchase inspection, or if you have any questions, please PM me here. I'm pretty busy during the week, but I'm often at the Saturday practice sessions and I would be more than happy to show the bike to anyone who's interested there.

    This is a great bike for a learner, and I'd love if it went to someone in the netrider family. I hope that it can make somebody else as happy as it's made me.





    Video/audio of this bike's exhaust sound with the megacycle in place:

  2. Sold. To a fellow Netrider. Good luck to the new owner; I hope to see you around at practice and on some of the group rides :)

    To the mods: feel free to close this thread now please.
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