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For sale: 2004 Honda VTR 250.

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Clemo, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. SOLD: 2004 Honda VTR 250.

    I bought it in September of last year with 6800kms on the clock and it currently has about 13500kms on it.
    The bike was given a service and roadworthy test just before I bought it and all it needed for that was a fluid change and new rear brake pads.
    I then had it serviced at 9800kms where it had another fluid change and chain tension.
    It is always stored in a lock up garage, away from the elements and rarely sees rain although after it has it is cleaned and the chain lubed.

    Modification wise I have put on a second-hand sports exhaust which gives it a nice note but is a little unsightly as it is heavily scratched but I have the original system in good condition both of which are included in the sale. I have also added Oggy Nobs fall protection and heated grips, both of which I would regard as almost essential additions but again I have kept the original components.
    The bike will come with the original paper work as well as receipts for the work I have done to it.
    It only has the one key, as that’s all I got, but getting another one cut I am told is possible as the I have the key code but I have not seen the need.

    The rego has just been renewed is not due till next August 2013 and I will supply a roadworthy certificate. Email or call me if you have any other questions.


  2. That's one helluva clean looking VTR Clemo, looks like you've taken great care of it. Someone should snap that up real quick!!
  3. Thanks Ned!
    I spent the time and the money a year ago to find the cleanest and best one I could find and it has been worth it. Great bike and I will miss if but it is time to find a bigger one.
    I have more photos if people would like but they are basicly holiday snaps. These ones are the best.
  4. must say, you have baby'd your bike Clemo, I'd recommend it as a 'bike to buy' to anyone looking for a great learner bike. YOu got the right 'extras' on it too, no more money to be spent on it, just jump on and ride, summer's coming too. Good luck with the sale, if I hear of anyone, I'll point them here :)
  5. Good luck with the sale Clemo....

    I know this rider and this bike - a meticulous example of a great VTR - perfect first bike for those looking
  6. hurry up and someone buy it so i can list my vtr :p
    this is an absolute steal.
  7. Thanks for the comments guys.
    I have had a few people ask me more about it and two people are coming next week to have a look at it although I have already had one person back down from what he told me was a sure thing.
    Anyway I would love for this bike to go to a Netrider, this place seems to breed a better quality of rider. I dont really want to see it at vic wreck in a years time.
  8. Any takers?
  9. SOLD

    mods please delete thread.
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  10. Nice one Clemo :D

    Is it still in the NR domain?
    Hopefully she's gone to a good home.........

    Now - time to shop!
    Let me know if you need a test pilot :D
  11. one down......
    still a few to go.

    congratulation on the sale clemo,
    and i wish the new owner the best of luck (but i know they will enjoy this bike)
  12. Nice congrats!
  13. Congrats on the quick sale. How much did she go for?
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