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For Sale .. 1999 R1 plus extra's

Discussion in 'Archived' started by nobby, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. Advertising this on behalf of my son, he is selling his R1 as he can no longer ride it due to illness.

    As the title says it's a 1999 YAMAHA YZF-R1 with a genuine 40000km on the clock.

    This has been a great bike, both powerful & fun, I have ridden this myself and bloody hell they are fast.

    Comes with a Double bubble screen, yoshi exhaust, conti attack tyres and a spare set of michelin pilots. Also has Front & Rear stands, plus original exhaust & spare sports exhaust, original screen & original seat. Bike is just out of reg (Oct) as my son has transfered his plates to his bobber.

    No RWC but would need very little or maybe nothing to pass if you wanted to register it, or treat yourself to the perfect trackie.

    Bike has been serviced regularly and comes with all you see in the pix.

    Asking $5,200*

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  2. Ooooerrrrr ! The perfect road/trackie !!!
    She's a looker, nobby (y)
    Best of luck with the sale mate.
  3. I know we are only allowed 3 pics but I'm hoping the mods will forgive me this time..

    p.m. me for Daves contact details if your interested, bike is located in Pakenham.

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  4. my first bike on my Ls was one of these ones - same colour and all
  5. looking good. if only i wanted a litre bike at this stage...

    good luck, i doubt you'll need it though!
  6. Looks great mate - love it. Hope your sons on the mend!
  7. On your L's !

    Hell of a learner bike ..
  8. I was very well behaved :)- I would still have it today had I not sold it to finance the business
  9. """BUMP""" still for sale and also listed on bikesales
  10. Wow! Nobby, I'd love a track bike mate...alas, I just can't afford one. But anyone thinking about a track bike should look hard at this candidate!

    Even re-registered for road riding it would be a very good tool.

    Seriously, if I had the dosh, I'd be banging on your front door, instead of typing.
  11. Thanks Raven, these things are a friggen rocket ship but it takes a rider with a big set to wind em right out... I had my Kwaka 6 wound out to mid 2's and my son passed me on this like I was stopped.... we just gotta find somebody with the cojones to buy it!
  12. Know what you mean mate...I was 2.4 on my 07 Fireblade when a fellow on the new Fireblade went past like I hit reverse...Huh!
    My bike was faster than stock, and I was hanging off through bends but too fast and rough to stick a knee down, and he was just sitting there like it was nothing. I had to really work at it!

    I did get to 2.57 shortly afterwards attempting to chase him down, and he was still pulling away noticeably. Then I ran out of straight to keep it wide open and climbing...When we pulled in, I asked what speed he was going and that I could see him steadily pulling away...2.68 or so, but like me he ran out of road...nevertheless, he did'nt ease off much for the corner, whereas on my Blade, I HAD to, just to get through the corner!...bastards!...;-)

    No one can tell me, new bikes don't make a difference!
  13. Re: For Sale .. 1999 R1 plus extra's price drop

    Still for sale people dropped price to $5000 or ONO..

    this would make a good cheap upgrade or a damn fine dedicated track bike .. buy yourself a Chrissy present
  14. Would love to get another bike but the wife won't allow it just yet. I think her words were "You haven't had your current bike for very long" when in actual fact I've had it over 12 months which is a long time in bike years......


    P.S. Nobby, we'll have to catch up for a ride with you & Dave. Didn't realise who you were until you posted this add up for Dave's bike.
  15. damn that's you. how you going mate... when did you see the light and get 2 wheels
  16. Going along good. Been on the bike now for about 2 1/2 years. Actually rode down to the GP with a mate of mine & Dave 2 years ago when he was on the R1. Probably should take this to PM to catch up rather than in the Bike Sale thread. Or even better go for that ride to catch up.

    See you soon

  17. Re: For Sale .. 1999 R1 plus extra's **SOLD**

    gone to a good home thanks all
  18. Well done, nobby !!!!
    That bike will make the new owner a very happy person !

    Thread closing as bike is sold.
    Well done mate (y)
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