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For people with a CBR 1000RR 04 mdl

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by PNUCKLE, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. I recently came across a problem with my blade and apparently it is common.

    I was riding along and the bike started to serge like it was running out of power. Every time i got to a set of lights it would want to stall so i tried to keep the revs up to prevent this happening. Got to my destination got off bike had something to eat. Jumped back on the bike to find there wasn't enough power to start it so had to roll start. Got it going to get it back to my garage and have a tinker to see wtf was going on serging with loss of power all the way home like before.. Tried to start it again after getting home no luck.

    The regulator/rectifier is known for going on these things so i checked it out with multi meter and it showed some weird numbers that should not have been there according to mechanics work shop manual. Checked the battery and it only had 8volts. this showed that the alternator was charging to the rectifier but not turning it to battery power.

    Ok off to Honda i go next day. 1 regulator/rectifier please sir.
    that will be $170 and a 2 day wait thankshe replied.

    2 days later regulator/rectifier appears so off i go and return with it.

    Went for a ride the following day after charging the battery and installing the new rectifier. 30 minutes into my ride same thing happens serging serging loss of power but this time bike just stalls and is dead. oh crap!

    Got it towed home on a trailer and is now back in the shed.

    Next day off to bike shop asking for a new battery. no worries he says $200 thanks....Awesome...NOT

    ok now i have a new battery and a new regulator rectifier on board lets go riding.

    30 mins later same bloody thing again. Getting really jack of this by now luckily i was riding near home in fear of getting caught out again.

    Back in the shed we go. Determined that i can do this with out paying a mechanic a trillion dollars to get a auto elec in to find the problem.

    Checked battery first...8volts again then checked it for an earth leakage. checked regulator rectifier for current and it checked out good.

    Next thing was the stator coil in the alternator. Open it up and BAM problem solved 2 of the coils are fried together. Ring Honda again (on first name basis by now with spare parts )
    1 stator please sir. that will be $350 thanks and a 3 day wait.

    Put it in the bike charged the battery again went for a ride for 30 mins got home turned off the bike and woo hoo she goes again.

    I hate electrical problems.

    Apparently this is quite common tho with the blade for 04 and 05 mdl.
    06 onwards are fixed and in the states there was e recall issued July 2008 for 04-05 mdl but not here the bastards.

    Hope this helps in some way to you fellow blade riders.
  2. Good to hear you got it sorted out dude!, nothing worse than chasing electrical problems :)
  3. There seems to be a pattern with recalls here, quite a few times recently I've had a problem or been speaking to someone with one and after some research discovered that it's a known issue globally and has been recalled in Europe or the US or both...

    What's the go then are AU consumer protect laws not worth a wank or what???
  4. There is a recall in oz for vin no. JH2SC57U*5M100510 onwards 04/05 MDL
    Mine is under this

    On the phone to Honda Australia right now
  5. I had a similar situation with my xjr 400. Before I bought if (3 weeks prior to the issue) the regulator was replaced. Then it died, battery wasn't charging (didn't know died at the time).
    Got a new battery.
    Same thing, no charge to the battery, so I took it to the mechanic, stator - burnt badly, reg / rect - dead, battery - dead (dropped a cell).

    What happens is if the stator dies, it can send to much power to the reg /rect which it blow a diode and then it doesn't regulate the power so to much power goes to the battery bioling the acid and killing, so the stator has to work to hard, gets hot and burns. And then you start at the beginning again.

    I am lucky in a way as my batteries are $50.
  6. There is a well known stator problem with the 04/05 Blades. Mine failed within the warranty period and was replaced by Jeffrey's. They routinely fail and in the US Honda extended the warranty on ALL 04/05 Blades to cover the stator for, IIRC, 7yrs.

    Matt232 had the same issue. It's apparently to do with the shaft that the coil sits on.

    Funny thing is the Blade failed at the Mobil in Chirnside Park. The Aprilia experienced the same hardware failure at the exact same garage 2yrs later!
  7. Interesting. Hang onto your old reg/rec then!
  8. That Servo might be haunted, Cejay.
  9. I am sure of it!
  10. Should get the flywheel replaced as well, free of charge.
    Had my stator go a few weeks ago at 37000 kl '05 model.
    Thought I'd got away with it at that mileage. Dealer replace flywheel and stator.
    Its not actually a recall. Its an extended warranty on stators for '04 and '05 models, so it only applies of yours fails.
    The replacement stator/flywheel is supposed to be a revised setup from the '06 bikes which should prevent this from re-occuring.