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for people who missed the races

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by undii, May 27, 2006.

  1. Love ya work Waz :grin:

    Off to watch all them vids now :cool:
  2. Thanks mate thats tops. Wouldn't be able to do the WSB. :grin:
  3. Downloads have been stopped?
  4. working here, thanks mate!
  5. 404 not found :(
  6. Yeah it's not working again... page isn't loading :(

    if you go to clutchshift.com that works, just not the clutchshift.com/motogp :(
  7. likewise,404 and nuttin else
  8. For in case it doesn't come back, can any one who got the vids down plug em on a CD/DVD and start em circulating?

    I'd love to take a look.
  9. I only got a couple of them downloaded before the site went down... hopefully it comes back up coz although they weren't the best quality they were full races and definitely watchable :grin:

    If anyone managed to download them all, can you please PM me and I'll pay for them to be put onto a DVD/CD(s)... :)
  10. Site is still down as of this morning :(
  11. Not sure i'm allowed to post this link because it has other filesharing stuff on it but If you have bittorrent you can download some of the races (MotoGP, F1, etc) from here

  12. I can put them on CD for people (or DVD if they are too big for one CD) PM and I'll arrange something
  13. the site is back up. I heard it's only up for a bit each time after each race,so get in quick if you want it
  14. Downloading now...
    I wonder if any one will do the same for the world cup???
  15. Damn...
    I missed round 7 and the site hasn't come back to life :cry: