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For Orthodox Members

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Merry Christmas Brothers and Sisters

  2. I thought it was the 7th (see Goz's avatar) :?
  3. 7th January
  4. sorry brain fade, today is the 7th, I was looking at the time in my system tray :oops:

    happy orthodox Christmas to you all
  5. it's more like "hristos se rodi", isn't it? :)

  6. For the Serbs yes - For the Russians for example

    Счастливого Рождества!

    (SchaslIvovo RozhdestvA!)
  7. Old calendar orthodox maybe (Greeks go by the new calendar) but merry Christmas to my Orthodox brothers.
  8. Bah. Humbugopolous.


  9. :rofl:

    haha, nice work hornet. :p

    Out of curiosity when is the orthodox new year? Do they also celebrate easter the same time as the JW's?
  10. JW's??????
    Don't even mention them in the same thread as the orthodox, just another manufactured american religion like the mormons.
  11. For those who follow the old calendar, new year is on Jan 13th.

    Not sure how easter is calculated, but sometimes it falls on the same day as the new calendar easter and sometimes it is several weeks out (we obviously don't use the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox method).

    I will forgive you the JW reference - you are yet young and innocent in the ways of the old faiths. Just don't do it again.
  12. Only used the JW reference coz I know when they celebrate easter, which is whenever they calculate the passover to be (which would infact be the technically correct date). So wondering if orthodox have it on the same day, or is their calender exactly the same as our normal one just shifted 13 days?

    Mormons are funny.
  13. Yeeeeha nice thread, Merry Julian Calendar Christmas to all
  14. Jw's don't celebrate easter.
  15. The Memorial of Christ's Death

    Witnesses do celebrate one holiday - the "Memorial of Christ's Death," which occurs at roughly the same time as Christian Easter and the Jewish Passover. This holiday is acceptable because it was instituted by Christ himself. The Memorial is the one time during the year in which the Lord's Supper is observed. The most recent Memorial of Christ's Death was held on April 4, 2004.


    The Memorial of Christ's Death - also known as easter. looks the same smells the same. My question stands.
  16. And it was last celebrated in 2004.
  17. nah, i assume thats just an old page. wiki makes a note of the 2008 memorial. anyway, forget the jw thing, when is orthodox easter?
  18. Same as catholic easter this year
  19. cheers, big ears (yoda)
  20. http://www.assa.org.au/edm.html

    Knock yourself out kiddo - if you can get through that without your eyeballs spinning, you're a better man than I.