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For oldies (or those who want to be different) . . . Ural !

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, May 9, 2008.

  1. http://imz-ural.com.au/pb/wp_6988f528/wp_6988f528.html

    These are to be imported again to Aust.
    For $15K . . I think its a bit steep for Russian technology penned by designers who found old BMWs left behind by the Germans on the fields of Stalingrad and Poland ! :LOL: . . . it does have Brembos but !

    Its cool in a unique way - especially the camoflage color option !
    . . . matching draggins, open face Fritz style helmet and goggles ! - perfect for that unique look !!

    All it needs is a replica MG42 machine gun mounted on the sidecar ! :grin:

  2. Already ordered, deposit paid and planning the ride back to Perth from NSW.

    Target date for pick-up, 16th June, two days after the official launch (which I'll also be attending).
  3. Now Hollywood knows where to get period bikes for WWII movies!
  4. They always did.

    More Urals and Dneprs have been destroyed whilst showing us how the USA won the war than by any other single cause :grin: .
  5. My rational engineer brain really struggles with the Ural and its associated pricetag. I hope you don't take offence, PatB, because there's none intended. And if I'm free at the time I'll be sure to join the Netrider escort for part of your trip to Perth! :)

    Only 40 horsepower out of a 750cc engine (though that's on par with some of the smaller Harleys really), recommended maximum speed of 105kph, leading-link suspension and so on... Admittedly it does include a sidecar, and sidecars are expensive as accessories go...

    So many parallels to Lomography - Afterall, they both involve marketting a still-produced-today antiquated Russian product as being retro-chic' and cool, for a very retro-chic expensive pricetag. Not flaws, 'character'!

    I think they're cool, and definitely unique. But ouch, pricetag. :shock: I just wish the 2WD version was road-registerable, because that'd forgive all. :grin:
  6. yeah, just like Royal Enfields !
    Made in India, old english design, new electrics . . . its the retro factor that justifies the price !

    Even the 2WD non-registerable version is difficult to understand.
    To go hunting and camping, wouldn't a Quad-bike be more useful ?

    But then again, if you want to play out being a Panzer group Scout Unit as part of Rommels Desert Fox unit - yeah I can see it ! :LOL:
  7. No offence taken Spots :) . Mainly because you're absolutely right on most counts. The only place I'd take issue is your (apparent) characterisation of leading links as a negative. Having built and ridden a tele forked combo and felt those stanchions turn into two lengths of overcooked spaghetti when pushed hard, I wouldn't be keen on having anything but LLs up front. An aftermarket set run between two and three grand at least, so they're a major plus in this instance.

    Otherwise, I can't disagree with you. I freely admit that this isn't a rational choice. For the same money and a bit of searching, I could probably find a really nice, big Jap or Euro shaftie powered combo with all the right bits and a good history. Or to be really sensible, a nice, new Korean hatchback. Either would go faster, carry more, use less fuel and be more reliable. Not to mention depreciate less.

    I can make excuses. It's for my wife and is just the sort of eyecatching, eccentric transport an emerging artist needs to get noticed. It's mechanically dead simple, with few parts that I can't make or adapt from elsewhere if I have to. A combo is possibly the safest vehicle one can have when the going gets loose or slippery (more stable than a bike, more agile than a car and with several options for dispersing surplus kinetic energy).

    But excuses is all they are :) . What it really comes down to is that, nearly two decades ago, I was crawling around at the bottom of the biking pond, running Jawas and CZs (which were so cheap and undesirable that, if you rode one, complete strangers would approach you and offer you shedfuls of them for free :shock: . I piss myself when I see 'em advertised in Just Bikes as "rare", "collectable", "classic" with a price tag that would buy you a running Brit twin) , and always aspired to one of the majestic Russki twins without ever being able to afford one. After all, they cost nearly as much as a flash new Japanese 125 :LOL: .

    So here I am with a regular income and a few excuses and the opportunity arises to not only buy one, but to buy a (hopefully) much improved bike over what I'd have got then. It's a decision that transcends such sordid considerations as logic :grin: .

    I do like combos though. That's not rational either :grin: .

    I can't really comment too much about the quad-bike vs 2wd combo thing, never having ridden a quad. I can say that I managed to get my old GSX outfit through some fairly serious clag on a couple of occasions, with 100 mm of ground clearance under the chassis and bald Avon Roadrunners. 2wd and lots of clearance would be a formidable combination in the right hands. I'd be surprised if it wouldn't go most places a quad will, although I can see it being slower, if only because it may be more fragile so you'd need to take it easy. Not many quads will carry three (or two with gear) in reasonable comfort either, so I wouldn't see it as entirely clear cut :? .

    And yes, it will be the camo model :grin: . MrsB will be under strict instructions not to start any wars by invading South Australia next September :LOL: .
  8. Yeah, that's fair enough. :grin: And yes, I do suppose for really extreme use that leading links would probably work better, so I'll retract that. :)

    Actually, what is the cost of a sidecar outfit these days; the cost to go from solo to sidecar? I seem to remember it being fairly substantial, and that'd probably account for a good chunk of the price. :)
  9. It's pretty substantial if you go for a new sidecar, professionally fitted. It's a while since I looked, but I'd be surprised if you could do it with much change from 10 grand once you add up all the bits and pieces that are needed to make a combo pleasant to live with. And if I was dropping 5-6K on the chair alone, you can bet I'd want it to be pleasant to live with.

    There are cheaper ways. I built mine for well under a hundred quid, including the grotty MZ that donated its swing-arm and back wheel to the cause. As I remember, the steel was about 30, a light was 10, some big HT bolts to hold it on were 10 and a box of welding rods was maybe 15. The rest was scrounged or scavenged. It took two of us about 36 hours all up to build it and nail it on, and then it took me all of half an hour to crash it on my first trip out on my own :LOL: . Both it and I survived though, and it was my sole means of transport through most of my degree. A more full account is available here https://netrider.net.au/forums/view...=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=sidecar

    Cheap or expensive though, outfits are a hoot :grin: .
  10. Premier sidecars start at about $6000 for a basic outfit, by the time you add options you can easily spend $9000 without going over the top. Highway sidecars (who make several types formally made by other sidecar makes) like the HRD Grand Rally (which my sidecar is) are more expensive again (start at about $8000).

    A leading link front end like the one I've got on my outfit is about $2500, flasher looking ones with chrome or custom paint jobs can fetch up to $4000.

    On top of that you still have to allow the cost of the bike.

    It isn't unusual for 10 year old outfits to fetch from $10000 to $15000 when in good order. Even my older outfit is worth about $8000.

    $15000 might be a lot for a Ural... but it isn't a lot for a new outfit on the road.

    Yes I know you could get an Enfield for $8000 and a sidecar for $3000 but they are a smaller outfit and even less powerful than the Ural combo.

    I looked seriously at the ural outfit, but I'd like someone else to try one first :)
  11. Would you buy a bike called a Laxette?

    Sorry, the name just puts me off it......

  12. Yeah, that's what I was thinking 'n why I asked. :)
  13. Nope, not with this costing 9k
    And yes that's a 150cc Chinese scooter :LOL:
  14. I want one.

    Pat, i expect a full and comprehensive ride report after a few months!
  15. Nothing but a guinea pig, that's me :grin: . Fear not. If I survive the coast-to-coast, NR will be the first to receive an account.

    jd's photo reminds me of a bloke with a Vespa combo who used to turn up at bike rallies in the UK. His party piece was to set the tickover high and simply step off it, whereupon it would proceed to chug around in small circles all on its own. One day he set the tickover a bit too high and the ground was a bit uneven. Inevitably, as he stepped off, the thing whizzed round like a mouse on ice, lifted the chair wheel on a bump and fell over, shedding mirrors, sidepanels, and miscellaneous sidecar contents across a remarkably large area, whilst the appreciative audience literally fell about helplessly :LOL:
  16. Pat I'll make you a promise... if you attack the perth to east coast run on the ural and you break down closer to melbourne than perth I'll come and pick you up with a ute and trailer and bring you the rest of the way :)

    I'll even provide a workshop in victoria for you to fix your bike for the return trip :LOL:

    Personally I'm hoping it all works ok though!
  17. V. generous of you Sirrah :grin: . Offer much appreciated.

    However, as the planned trip is Newcastle to Perth, I fear that the practicalities dictate that I shall not be taking it up :? .

    Current, provisional route plan is Newcastle-Dubbo-Nyngan-Broken Hill-Port Augusta-Norseman-Perth. Major changes are unlikely as my time budget will be tight and the Unregistered Vehicle Permit I'll be travelling on won't allow major route deviations.
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    Pat, I take back my mockery of the Ural sidecar !

    I saw this video ! :eek:

    goddamn !!
    Either that rider in the video has balls the size of Woodsy's, or these bikes really have have good off-road ability. And the weapons option for the military version !!! . . 4 anti-tank rockets or portable grenade launcher !!! :shock: . . . these bikes have cred !! :grin:
  19. Yeah, I've seen that one :grin: .

    There a a few others floating around too.

    What they failed to mention was whether the bikes were useable afterwards :shock: .

    But yeah, chucking a robust outfit around on a loose surface is huge fun, and yet feels much less dramatic than it looks. Until you really overcook it and it falls over :grin: .
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