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For newbies-Very happy to say that i've got my Ps!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by livingstonest, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. yesterday i passed my Ps test after almost 6 months of riding on my Ls!! obviously i can't be happier so thanks for all your posts guys when answering newbie questions.

    the day was abit weird with rain on and off, then later in the afternoon becoming sunny with clear skies up in the Adamstown centre Newcastle.

    anyway some tips now guys:

    4 out of 6 passed. there was a girl there with a yamaha jog 50cc. she did the course no problems but at the end of the day there's a 2hr road ride and the scoots top speed was 60km/h which made it hard for her to keep up. but she did the road ride no probs at all. so those of you out there with 50cc wondering bout the road ride, it'll be no problem for you guys. just make sure you listen to the directions so if you get lost. getting lost means you fail the road ride!

    one guy failed cause during the testing he didn't do his head checks before moving off. every head check you don't do when moving off from a complete stop gets 3 points added to you. accrue 9 and you fail. and remember its a really easy thing to forget since your trying to concentrate on doing the course.

    the other guy failed cause he dropped the bike doing the emergency stop. firstly he brought his zzr which he wasn't able to do the u-turn on cause they got a wider turning circle, so he swapped it with a cb250. so he didn't have too much time to get used to the cb250 before doing the test. i think my tip here would be to not try to do your best stop because dropping the bike cause of a locked up wheel will mean that you fail immediately. Whereas taking a longer distance to stop will only accrue points to your name for every line that you pass after where your supposed to. personally i found the braking the most difficult cause during practicing i did lock up the wheel just managing to hold it so in the actual test i decided that i was going to take a longer distance to stop and take the points.

    i was pretty nervous in the beginning cause my Ls expire soon and if i failed i may of had to do my prelearners again and i really didn't wanna spend another 2 days on that! but then the instructor says if you fail the test then you just pay another 40 dollars and come back and do the test again next week without having to spend the whole 8am-4pm at the centre which was great cause i felt it took alotta pressure out of the test. so i'm sure the other 2 guys will get their Ps next week without too much inconvenience to them.

    all in all a very long day, met lotsa nice new riders, great guys, including the instructors. hope to see you all out there! and in 12 months i'll be unrestricted so watch out! :LOL:
  2. Congratulations mate : )
  3. Hey congrats livingstonest!!!
  4. well done

    message to bloody short
  5. Congratulations livingstonest
  6. good onya mate
  7. Congrats Dr Livingstone!
  8. Congrats mate,

    I still remember my P's/opens test (it was a year or so ago). A bit nerve wracking really. Our test must be different down here in Melbourne, we don't go on a road ride and only need to pass a few bike manoevre (such as emergency braking, turning within a given raduis, emergency counter steering, etc).

    The hardest part was the counter steering, you have to ride towards a light board, if the left light comes on you countersteer left, same for if its the right one, if its a red light you emergency brake. You need to do each item 2-3 times, its random as to what light will come on and you have to be going over a certain speed otherwise you need to repeat it. I was a bit nervous at the time but passed no probs, I lost all my points on the braking (I originally had a bad habit of only using 2 fingers on the front brake, luckily no more).

    I think a road ride as part of the test would be good down here, they have no real way of knowing how you go in traffic, etc.

    Anyway, congrats and well done, I certainly remember the relief of passing and removing the L plate.

  9. way to go mate.. congrats. :grin:
  10. Congrats :)

    I'm hoping to go for the P's test myself in the next few weeks/months.
  11. ill probably be going in the next couple of months myself.. been riding round a fair bit.. id like to get into a vacant car park for a while and practice the countersteering thing and emergency braking for a while.. so after i do that ill be booking in for my p's too..

    congrats on passing.. bring on the big bikes man.. 12 months to wait now.. im jelous.
  12. Hey, good on ya! I need details about teh ride...I don't really know Newcastle at all well, so geting lost may be an issue! Would you recommend writing down directions or something? 2 hours is a bit of time on a bike to be riding around town, do they go out of town or something? I thought you all travelled in a pack anyway? I write things down with a chinagraph pencil on my fuel tank, works great.
    One of the instructors when I did my pre leaners said he had to fail a guy for ummmm..road rage! LOL!
    I don't think I have to worry about the emergency baking, my heavy, underbraked thing is flat out stopping let alone locking up a wheel!
    I went for a lovely ride this morning around Warner's bay, heaps of bikes out. Was such a nice day, even a guy on a Harley acknowleged my nod!

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. At HART in vic they dont let you use your own bike for the tests.
    Congrats on getting your Ps
  14. Thanks everyone! :) Feels great, like more of a real rider now! haha

    Now typhoon in regards to the road ride, it is 2hrs but it is really bout half riding, half stopping and talking. Group of 6 and one instructor. at the beginning everybody follows him, then later he goes in the middle. i was always lucky to have another Learner in front of me who knew the way. cause with 7 riders you do get split up by traffic and lights.

    so after say 5-10min riding he'll pull over, then everybody talks about potential dangers and things best to do etc, then he'll give directions and everybody's off. i think i was the only one who had no idea bout the road cause i'm actually from sydney, so i was alittle concerned i was gonna get lost. really though i don't think you should have much trouble cause for every riding segment theres only 2-3 turns, should be good.

    i'm going back up newcastle today so what i'll do is i'll look it up on the map and see if i can trace it up for you, let you know bout that.

    don't stress bout the road ride though, that's alot easier than the actual test. if you get lost, cause an accident or do something extremely dangerous then you will fail. headchecks, indicating etc is nothing, he'll just remind you to do them.

    the purpose of it is to:
    -check that you are confident on the road
    -keep 3sec gap with car/bike infront of you....ie you don't tailgate
    -teach you bout road craft
    -are sensible and don't speed
    -get you into the habit of covering your brakes....ie setting up in certain
    situations like sidestreets or cars waiting at stop signs.

    It was quite fun actually, no stress

    Best of luck to all you guys who are about to do the test :) Let me know if you want any further details guys
  15. That's plenty of help right there dude, thanks!
    Now, I'll have to get my butt into gear and organise to meet up somewhere and go for a ride, then you can have a good laugh at my riding"style"!
    I didn't think the ride would be a big deal, but I supose I should start practicing the other stuff..I actually did a pretty decent U turn on Sunday morning without even thinking about it, I sometimes find the thinking about things is worse than just doing it, but the old Z is a pretty forgiving bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Just adding to the list, 'grats livingstonest. I just recently go my bike licence too. But no P's for me cos I've been driving[a car] for almost a decade.
    Testing over east seems different to that in the west.
    Oh well, each to their own.

    Well wish you happy ride and ride safe out there,