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For new riders who want a ride buddy

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Zealt, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. If anyone wants someone to ride with and has little to almost none experience im up for it, i have only had my bike for a couple of weeks and want to ride with someone new to it as well.

    So anyone who has only been riding a few weeks or maybe a little more PM me/post here and we can catch up.

    Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne any age i don't mind any gender too.

    I already went for a ride with JOMO but hes a little quick for me after only 2 1/2 months (so he says ). :p

  2. Sorry man I didn't think I was pushing you too much. Promise I'll go easier if we go for another blat sometime :p

    You should come to Thurs night mystery rides, if you don't know they way or don't want to ride through city alone just get me a yell and I'll ride in with you with my group of friends.
  3. Agreed, Thursday night ride is where it is at. There is a big range of people and lots of people that will be able to help you out lots.
  4. I get my bike tomorrow. I may just be up for a thursday night ride...
    I'll keep an eye out.
  5. Nah its ok man, just a little worried about my licence.. :)
    And Thursday night ride sounds good to me, if your on MSN tomorrow and i feel up to it i will try let you know, if i dont maybe the week after..

    and yes i need help getting where ever it is.... :?

  6. Ahh it's ok man - I'm good at spotting cop cars, and I know where they hide along where we went :p

    Yeah I'll PM you my mobile number too incase you don't catch me on msn
  7. Ok mate. ta.
  8. I remember being brand new to riding and ya I wanted to ride with new people to cause it felt more comfortable but it wasn’t till I started riding with more experienced people that my riding improved.

    Not because I was pushing to keep up with them but because they gave me advice and ways to improve my riding.

    So although riding with people at your level is a good idea and you all have that in common, be sure to ride with some more experienced people and you’ll really find yourself improving

    Well that’s my opinion on the matter anyway

  9. yeah i plan on that too, but riding with someone i can also talk to about being new on bikes and discovering things appeals to me.