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For Music Purists: New Bowers & Wilkins Earphones

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Lazy Libran, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Being Launched in August. Their headphones range - P5 has been popular as well.



    What headphones have you come across that have stood out?
  2. Meh, not a fan of B&W, especially since harvey norman started stocking them.
  3. I spent 2 years after I left school as a professional musician, and worked my way up to manager at a small music shop south of brisbane.

    Still to this day I use only Sennheiser head/earphones. These days you can even buy the lower end ones at jb hifi, even those are pretty good
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    At 500% their retail value. No, that's not a mistype.

    FWIW, the best $20 earphones money can buy is probably these

    The most standout headphones I have come across are the AD700 by Audio Technica. $60 practically new on ebay. Was looking at the AD900 at the time, but at another $140 at an absolute minimum it was as fat tom said [media=youtube]pA7nHD5ORUA[/media]
  5. I completely agree, they charge though the nose for them, putting them in the same price range as Active Skull Candy headphones. I have never bought them from there, I was just meaning to put forth my opinion of Sennheiser equipment
  6. Well they are about the same quality. And that's probably being generous to the SC.
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    Yep. Love em
  8. I have never been a fan of in-ear headphones, much prefer over-ear ones. In-ear headphones are uncomfortable, they fall out, and I can never get them to stay into my ear enough to hear the quality of the sound that they are producing.
  9. Since when did earbuds pass as headphones? I have a semantic bone to pick with someone...

    And while I am going to sound like an absolute snob, I always laugh when people say "Yeah, I'm really into quality sounding headphones, I got these great Sennheisers for $120..." Don't get me wrong, they have some ok products - but they're not orgasm inducing like some claim they are - especially the type found in JB Hi Fi...

    Now these, ladies and gentlemen, are a real pair of headphones - Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO
  10. Have you tried the ones that push into your canal? I use them just so they don't fall out all the time. Take a bit to get used to, but once you've adjusted they're very convenient. And a great noise reducer

    I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=-37.718335,144.836830
  11. At the risk of sounding like a snob I'm not going to pay ~700 for some headphones & a required amp when I can spend the same on a proper speaker set up that will sound significantly better particularly in a world where the law of diminishing returns surpasses all other applications of the rule. I'm more than happy the headphones I have which I got on a budget - all cost less than $100. I may eventually splash out for a $200 model but no more.
  12. The flipside of that is that $700 headphones will usually be better than $700 speakers.

    Less components, less markup, less labour involved in making them.

    The other little know (by some) fact about sound is that the room has by far the biggest detrimental effect on sound quality, removing it completely (using headphones) can be a huge improvement.

    Much easier to listen to on the train, too ;)
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  14. Hmm there is a thread on some in-canal earphones, I might check them out.

  15. $700 is perfectly acceptable for headphones.

    Ive got some Beyerdynamic DT440s and DT150s for studio and musical instrument usage. Theyre around the $300 dollar mark on the net.

    Everyone has their needs, and for my professional needs, $300 is baseline gear.

    Ive never come across $100 headphones that compare in terms of sound, build quality and longevity.
  16. Have you tried the B&W P5's yet? Apparently they are really good as well.
  17. Havent tried them sorry, but having looked them up I dont think theyre my kind of headphone anyhow. Theyre fashionable for starters. :LOL:
  18. You didn't go for the k271 mkII?
    You use them professionally, what do you do? You don't find proper monitors serve your purpose better?
  19. Paying a lot for being a brand whore... but i love the my BOSE QC3. Brilliant for the amount of travelling i used to do. Never get on a flight without them. Love the sound quality and the noise cancelling.
  20. Musician - I do studio work as well as my own recording projects + digital music.

    When youre in the studio, in the recording area, all the musicians wear headphones.

    I then use the same headphones when I carry my portable recording gear to do recording projects.

    I also use them when practicing on my electric DB, or composing, or working on any audio.

    Monitors are great if you have a dedicated acoustically engineered room, but since I dont, headphones allow me to have (near) perfect sound reproduction wherever I need it. The DT150's for example have good sound isolation as well so it helps you to focus only on your work when there is background noise (even just computer fans)