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For interests sake......A boy and his toy.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dale, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. Cat's aunt dropped by for a visit and brought this photo along. It's of Cat's grandfather when he was 19, on his 1929 Ariel.

  2. Great pic!
  3. Would look great on a coffee mug ;)
  4. You're right Vic. Check your ordering system. ;)
  5. Done and all done.

    Couriers Please will be paying you a visit on Monday.
  6. Wow thats quick service! lol
  7. I was in the process of doing some jigsaws and mugs for other orders and when the order came in I just did it.

    15 minutes after the order hit the system they were finished :grin:
  8. What a precious and classic old photo, and in outstanding condition for its age. You must post a pic of the coffee mug, now, Dale!
  9. Dont supose the bike is for sale CHEAP :) LOL
  10. Wanna see a very similar model still in operation?

    Drop in and say g'day to Pete Malloch, owner of the Laver's Hill Tavern - not a bad little road to get there either.

    He's got this one running on pure alcohol, and takes it for regular ride days at the Mt. Gambier track. It's as loud as all f*ckery and he'll start it up for you right there in the pub if you ask nicely... WIKKID!

    http://www.got-words.com/lozblain2/GOR & Spurs_files/IMG_3119.jpg
  11. The expression on Cat's grandad's face says it all! :)

    Great pic, and it'll look terrific on the mug!
  12. what a superb photo - needs framing. thanks for sharing it.
  13. He was a great old guy... I met him when a few of us were down in Tassie for Cat's wedding some years back.

    He was straight out the front and checking out all the bikes :)
  14. That was back in 2001 Geoff. He would have been around 92-93 then. :)
  15. No helmet! What a_

    ... j/k great photo :grin: