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For anyone with an adventurous spirit

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Roarin, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Holy cr@p. Get a load of what this guy has seen & done on a bike.
    Heaps of photos. Long -like 200 odd pages long but worth every minute (I'm only 60 pages through but I can't stop reading it :shock: )


  2. What page is the link to the pics on Andrew?

  3. To be honest with you Paul -I don't know :oops: There is a link to a page "babes of the world" or something similar but I don't know that one either :LOL:
  4. Damn you Roarin!

    Im only 15 pages in but I'm addicted...like heroin.

    Good thing I'm unemployed because I could quickly see myself getting fired due to compulsively reading this.
  5. Hahahahaha. I'm now up to page 95 & showing no signs of stopping :shock: :shock:
  6. If you like reading at advrider...go to www.horizonsunlimited.com
    (biggest world bike travel adventure site on the Internet.)

    and www.photobiker.com

    and www.adventurebiker.com

    and www.londontotokyo.com

    and there are many if you type motorcycling adventures into a search engine.

    World's two most famous bike adventurer's (not Ewan fking Macgregor, the softcok)..read the books Ted Simon, Jupiters Travels. Heldge Pedersen, Ten Years on Two Wheels.

    Ted Simon is acknowledged as the guy who inspired most modern day bike adventurers.

  7. Well to avoid sitting in front of a computer more often than I currently do, I ordered the book.
    Will take 11 days to arrive, 2 days to read, then I guess it will be available for loan. :grin: :grin:
  8. Ted's book is just wonderful.
    I was at the Transport Museum in Coventry where Ted's old Triumph now resides, was in 94, I have pics of me sitting on his bike.
    One of my fondest memories, never to be forgotten.
    Ted's book inspired me to ride the length and breadth of Uk and Europe. 4 months in 94 on a BMW 1000cc Boxer.
    Don't dream about it, get out there and do it!
  9. Whoops...sorry fellers that last address should have been:


    Two Aussie guys ride from japan across eastern Europe to the UK.

    Was featured in Two Wheels many years ago.