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For anyone who is looking at insurance

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FormerUser2, Apr 4, 2005.

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  2. Re: For any who Is looking at insurance

    maybe go for RACV, because they dont have a list of repairer for bike, so you can pick anyone you want.
  3. What happens if you have with QBE and you get policy over the phone? Do you get choice of repairer then?
  4. Re: For any who Is looking at insurance

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  5. I think would be the same, nope!

    14 days yet? you paid? maybe just cancell and change to other one
  6. Re: For any who Is looking at insurance

    I applied online.
    Where will they be fixing mine if I crash it?
    Will they email me the repairs?
  7. Um, I have just had the honour? of dealing with QBE when Elle had her crash (well she was run into and the crasher did a runner) and hers is classed as an at fault (because the other party did not leave details) now she got her policy over the phone and all we had to do was get it to the nearest QBE licenced repairer (which for us was just down the road). Once it was there they gave us a call and asked what the damage was, we said the forks bore the brunt, he stopped me talking and said it was a write off there. They had it picked up the day after the phone call and taken away. So we have not got a bad thing to say about them yet. Could be another story when we come to insuring her next one though, will have to wait and see.
  8. Re: For any who Is looking at insurance

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  9. Re: For any who Is looking at insurance

    The policy says approved repairers
    thats all
    Most likely it would be southbank bmw so I aint worried too much.
  10. Getting back to the choice of repairer, most policies will allow a choice of repairer if requested just a slight increase in the premium (cost me about $50 with NRMA). Don't know if you can change part way through the contract but don't see why not. Ring your insurer and check, you will never get the answer you want if you don't ask.
  11. No choice with QBE. You can't go "outside their list".
    Tried/ called/ argued... and was told that if I don't like I can lump it.
    And that's after insuring 15 bikes with them in a row...
  12. Another thing i noticed with QBE was that by default market value is used whereas NRMA it is agreed value. This could make a lot of difference in case of writeoff or theft.
  13. Getting back to the original thread about helmets. Rang and spoke to Chloe from NRMA and got the following answers in relation to my full comp insurance.

    Will replace all personal effects (full value) if loss occurs in relation to an acident involving the insured vehicle.

    Up to $500 on helmet if loss due to theft, vandalism, ect.
  14. Marty (and others over 40 years old) might want to take a look at Arista www.icfrith.com.au. Have had no dealings with them but I believe they are far cheaper than a lot out there.

    Ask mouth about personal experiences as I believe his VFR was insured with Arista.
  15. Re: For any who Is looking at insurance

    I assume that you've investigated RACV but in my limited experience they _can be_ pretty reasonable. Much like NRMA they vary widely and might quote you anything from $400 to $4000.

    For example, my sister (a learner) managed to get comprehensive for her new machine for about $400...
  16. Forget arista if you have 5 or more speeding infrigements in 5 years. Also, their premiums are now the same as everyone else.


  17. Or 3 accidents in the past five years, regardless of fault...
  18. Re: For any who Is looking at insurance

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Just got my renewal from QBE @ 1250.00 for agreed value etc etc

    1 phone call later to Arista ... 530.00 for exactly the same deal and a 250.00 excess to boot , QBE's excess was 900.00 !
    seems being over 40 is finally paying off ? they recon i should be more sedate out on the roads now !

    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:

    the girl i spoke to even knew the differance between a firestorm and an SP1 !!