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For all you budding artists i'm getting a tattoo & i ne

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by beery, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. The time has come ive always wanted 1 so im getting a tattoo the only problem
    is what am i going to get well im going for my star sign Aquarius on my upper arm
    but i dont know what design to get. I want something like this.

    So if you have any ideas on the design or can draw one up for me please thow
    them at me.

  2. You can always get the artist doing your work to design/draw the pic. That way you can ask what you want and they can tell you what works/doesn't work for tattoos.
  3. And be prepared for it to hurt a bit... different areas hurt different ways, but they all hurt a bit.

    That's a nice clean simple design you linked to BTW :)
  4. If you're in Melbourne, head down to Eternal Instinct in St Georges Rd Northcote for a chat. Very professional and talented artists. I can personally vouch for Craig (Deuce), but it's a no-hack place, you can't go wrong. If you go with Craig, let him know Justin who got the nautilus shell sent you.

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  6. hmmm ink :grin: got lots of it bro! spent countless hrs in the ink room :) spent countless $ to0 :LOL: :LOL: got whole right arm sleeved from shoulder to wrist, half left arm done, stuff on me legs and a bit on me chest...hehehe yeah i think i got enough :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    goodluck anyway with it.
    i'l recomend chapel tattoos :wink: pricey but dam good, awesome colours if thats what ur after :wink:
    goodluck bud and welcome to the world of ink :)
  7. & all that @ 26 as well :shock: :cool: :grin:
  8. yeah started at the ripe age of 17 and had everything finished just after me 21st birthday :grin:
    im a ink vetren at 26 yrs of age :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. I had my first tat @ 17 as well!

    Big dragon on my left shoulder blade and cross on my right upper arm.
    I have a pretty high pain tolerance so for me it wasn't bad at all.

    If you're near the Gold Coast, go to a place called "SKIN FX"...
    They won an award for my first tat!!! woo hoo :LOL: :p :LOL: :p

    Go somewhere thats reputable and sit down with them and show them what you're thinking of getting. They'll probably get you to leave it with them for a bit and they'll come up with a few different alterations if you ask for that.

    Let us know how you go!!!

    Good luck and dont tense up cause thats when it'll hurt! :oops:

    -Jamie :grin:
  10. just relax and read a magazine mate :wink: hmmm needles hmmmm :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. U rebel :LOL:

    I think about getting one every now & then, but thats all that happens.
    Doubt I eva take the next step & go 2 a tattooist
  12. would u like me to hold ur hand big brother? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: no pain no gain :wink:
  13. ive always wanted to get inked.. thing is at least with my pericings i can take them out if i dont want them.. with ink, it stays there.. ive got a few designs im interested in.. and some ideas, id love to sit with an artist and see what they could come up with..
  14. Y would I get a white tattoo just so others could see that
    I got one?

  15. Lucky you didn't go for some Japanese writing, check this. :shock:
  16. tats r mad,i hav spent $3000 =+++++
  17. I checked out what my Japanese symbol meant, just to make sure, before I had it done :wink:

    Tats are addictive, when you get one you'll want more.
  18. Tatts are awsome, i got mine done at Mark of the Gypsy in Fairfield (syd). If you are in syd mate, i strongly recommend you use these guys.

    As for the design. I looked at mine every day for a month before i got it done. I said to myself, if i have the slightest doubt during that month, i wouldnt get it......as it turnes out, Love my tatt so i got it done :)

    Good luck ..... PS, i like your design, not really a star sign person myself, but its a nice design.
  19. I say get some dolphins! Dolphins are rad and will make you look Super!! :p

    This is me by the way! :grin: