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For all you bad Pun Makers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Now is the chance for all the really bad pun makers here (you know who you are... :p ) to put your skills(?) to use.,

    Name That Vampire Anthology" Contest Launches
    for Third Book in Humorous Suburban Horror Series
    Baen Books to Entrants: "Pun-ish Us, Please!"

    WAKE FOREST, NORTH CAROLINA --Baen Books is accepting entries in its "Name That Vampire Anthology" contest to pick a title for the next in its hugely popular humorous "suburban dark fantasy" anthology series edited by best-selling author and editor, Esther Friesner. Friesner was also the editor of the ground-breaking "Chicks in Chainmail" series.

    "Our usual process is to come up with a name for the book that's beyond awful—a cringe-inducing pun on a horror or dark fantasy theme," says Baen publisher Toni Weisskopf. "Then, instead of dropping it and coming up with something more sensible, we go there."

    Previous titles include series opener Witch Way to the Mall, with follow-up Strip Mauled, set for release October 2009. The contest winner will name the third book in the series, and will receive personal literary immortality—at least within the anthology's pages.

    "We'll use the title, and the winner will be prominently blamed, er, thanked in the introduction, get ten free copies, and a check for one hundred dollars," Weisskopf says. "And, after all, a great pun is its own reward, right? And its own punishment, of course!"

    The third anthology will be oriented toward vampire stories, according to Weisskopf. Suggestions should involve vampires, suburban fantasy, and be clever and witty (one or the other is fine, with extra points for both).

    Entries are due by August 31, 2009. Suggestions can be e-mailed to the following address: info@baen.com.

    The winner will be announced on the Baen website.
  2. I'm a regular over at the Baen ebook website and I enjoyed reading Chicks in Chainmail.

    I'm having some teething troubles coming up with a name for the new Vampire Anthology though... it's bloody difficult!
  3. ..this thread can't apply to me!!...because I am a good pun maker!! :p
  4. At last !!!. Finaly a project I can sink my teeth into. !!
  5. I would have thought vampire puns were bleeding obvious!

    You can tell them by the puncture marks...
  6. A whole $100 if you win?

    That's lousy. How about a big Plasma TV or something?
  7. So you want to put the bite on them and go in to bat for a bigger prize?

    You should just accept it and say fangs very much! :p
  8. the puns you netriders are coffin up are driving me batty.
  9. Not only that, I'm finding the whole topic rather draining. There's too many clots here making bad puns... :twisted:
  10. Mind you, some of the puns here can get pretty cryptic and should never see the light of day. :roll:
  11. vampires are always looking for their necks victim.....
  12. Did you hear about the vampire who used to torture his victims with music? His Bach was worse than his bite.
  13. I should apologise to the mods here... The thread started out genuinely "Off Topic" with a straight forward post about a competition - unfortunately it has taken a rather grave turn and with a prize at stake - I hope they don't take it to heart and lock it... :p
  14. $100?

    That sucks, there's not that much at stake.