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For all those that have teased scooter riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smileedude, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]
    Don't you wish your motorcycle could manage this?

    Please note choice of beer is dictated by my girlfriend who doesn't like beer with flavour.
  2. I own a scooter (SYM HD200i eve) and a motorbike and both will carry a slab (case) of beer easily.

    The scooter carries one where you have that slab and the bike carries one on the rear rack easily.

    Not really the killer put down that you're chasing I suspect :)
  3. Not sure which is worse, riding a scooter or drinking Hahn Super Dry.
  4. Its called a pillion they hold the case

    Cant say ive teased scooters
    you seen the one that do the quater in 11secs with no nos there prety sweet
  5. Well I could take the box off and fit a second.
  6. Providing the scooter's EFI, they're both low on carbs

  7. Haha nice one Bonk.

    Case of beer fits on my ventura rack perfectly thank you very much :p.
  8. I used to get laughed at when I rocked up to the bottle shop on the 50cc yammie, till I rode off with a carton. Respect.

    Cant carry a case on the rackin qld humidity, the carboard turns to mush after a couple of minutes. At least with a scooter you can grip the carton to stop the beer falling off.
  9. Didn't the ******** know they would fit in his top box ](*,)
  10. So you ride a scooter and your girlfriend told you to go get her some beer...
  11. :beer: :popcorn:
  12. My Suzuki Across manages pretty much a slab. Squeezed all but 2...so ended up drinking one and had the other in my large cargo pant pocket :). And no it wasn't Hanh's super dry.
  13. My ex-cop K series could carry 2 slabs in the panniers and several bottles of wine in the fairing pockets. (OK you had to take the beer out of the cartons though). I could have taken another full slab on the rear rack easily.

    My current bike fits 2 dozen bottles of wine in the cheap throw over saddle bags and another dozen in the tank bag (fully expanded). I know this because I was helping out a wine maker friend last Christmas and I was presented with a rather large quantity to take home. And they don't fall off when you go round corners. :cheeky:

    And I could probably fit a slab on the back as well.
  14. One one of my colleagues dropped into Aldi at the end of his run and returned to the office with a tent in his pannier bag and by all accounts it wasn't the first time he'd engaged in putting the postie's load capacity to the test lol
  15. Haha, respec.

    OP, I understand mate, my wife likes the low carb stuff also.
  16. It is disgraceful, atleast she drinks beer though and I don't have to spend ridiculous ammounts at the bar on fancy pants drinks. Saying that though she does drink most of my mates under the table.

    Oh well my homebrew kegging systems about to take over the kitchen fridge, she'll have to learn to drink stouts and porters soon.
  17. That's like saying I'd rather drive a Camry rather than a Ferrari because it can hold the shopping. Tell yourself what you need to, I'll just drive to her place where the whiskey will already be on ice ;)
  18. I've got just the backpack. \\:D/

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  19. One of my friends came up with the turtle solution to this predicament - use a roll of duct tape to turn the case into a shell.