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For a Good Time Call...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by ironcannibal, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. .....nobody, cause its been post before sorry lowercase
    and the number just rings out anyway

  2. look at the first thread in "similar threads" and you'll see the exact same one i posted a few weeks back.

    For a good time, just call 555 0917 ;) lowercase Jokes and Humour 28-Jul-2010 12:52
  3. i cant get rid of the picture so im a reposter forever now, ive brought shame on my family
  4. how dare you :p :rofl:
  5. ironcannibal....ironcannibal...now I'll remember that name!!
  6. 25 posts and already making 'friends'! :D
  7. what about a collingwood jokes thread? could i start one of them maybe. everyone loves collingwood jokes
  8. Or.. how 'bout one called "Shows us tits and boobies" - that hasn't been done before...
  9. What has happen to the nod
  10. that tits and boobies one was great
    if i could go back, id repost the tits and boobies instead