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For a Daughter

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Billsy, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. I hear the sound of little feet,
    As they run past blossom trees near the end of my street.
    Out of curiosity I take a look,
    A page opens in a fairytale book.
    All else fades away,
    And I become a character in this fairytale play.
    She doesn`t think I hear or see,
    But I don`t mistake the sound of my little bee.
    I finally see her soft sandy hair,
    And hearing her laugh I lose all care.
    She gives me a cuddle and a little kiss,
    This surprise I`ll always miss.
    She`s the hot summer days and the flowers on that tree,
    The endlesness where the sky meets the sea.
    She`s the creatures that start to move just on dark,
    She`s the rose bushes where I`d sit in the park.
    Frilly dress, winter (careless I know),
    But I took her to church and put her on show.
    How could someone as beautiful as her,
    Be wrapped up and hidden in jumpers and fur?
    She`s the sunshine, full moon, stars in the sky,
    Big open spaces where birds love to fly.
    She`s the Willy Wagtail on a moonlit night,
    Chirping away, what a gorgeous sight.
    Wagging her tail, standing her ground,
    It`s only in special places she`ll be found.
    She`s the wind through the curtains, piano keys,
    Incense and old wares, she`s all of these.
    Matilda loved her when she came to stay,
    She knew she was special in her own doggy way.
    Time has changed, things have passed,
    But how could memories like these never last?
    Seen a Willy Wagtail just the other day,
    A sign that things will never go away.
    She was with me back then as she`s with me now,
    She follows me as only an Angel would know how.
    The sun, the moon, the stars are still here,
    Lets me know she`s always near.
    Possums, Frangipanis all so new,
    All these things still remind me of you.
    Soon the full moon will glow on the water,
    Another reminder of my love for you my daughter.
    I love you Sarah

  2. That one brought a tear!
  3. very nice thoughts
  4. Beautiful. I see my own daughter so much in that. Scared of her growing up but knowing that she will and that those memories will remain is comforting. Thanks.
  5. =D>=D>=D>
    Very nice !!