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For a change, a near miss in a car, that I didn't miss.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by waffles, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. To start, this happened in my dad's car, not my bike, because I have sold my old bike and have another couple of weeks before restrictions end and I can ride the new one...

    Yesterday morning, I was driving along the M5 heading west, just after it becomes 110 past king george's rd. I was in the right lane doing 110-115 kph, overtaking a van in the left lane doing ~105 kph, and the ute behind the van decides that this isn't fast enough, and instead of tailgating like everyone else in sydney, accelerates onto the hard shoulder / emergency lane / whatever you want to call it. I see this in my peripheral vision and just think he is a moron but whatever, next thing I know, he has run over a piece of wood (1.5m long 2 x 4), and his tires have kicked it up, and out into my lane, 1m from the front bar (so close i thought it might have hit the bonnet), no room to stop, and all happened in the space of 1-2 seconds, from undertaking to wood in front of me.

    time to think f***** and smack it at a closing speed of ~80kph, square on the frond bar, and off he speeds into the distance...

    at this point I don't know how much damage is there so as I'm almost at the exit, go to the exit and then pull over and have a look. The front bar needs re painting and the grill bit needs new clips for attachment...

    so thats a bit annoying, but the reason I am posting this here is:

    1. I was following the car in front with a 4-5 second gap, and was paying full attention, I can't figure out what I could have done to avoid this happening, which clashes with my attitude that every accident is avoidable if you are driving to the conditions and paying attention.

    2. I was, and still am a tiny bit shocked, as had I been on the bike, I probably would have been sliding on the road, and if I had of been about a second forwards, and I had the roof off (dad's car is a convertible) it could have hit me in the head and done some serious damage (it flew up into the air after leaving the back of the ute).

    and just to top it off, aami reckons it's my fault, and the car was immaculate.

    on the plus side, it could have been much worse, at least it's insured, and no one is hurt.

    oh and before anyone says report it to the cops, they wont do anything, it is my word against his and I can't prove anything beyond the front bar...
  2. If you were on the bike you are a smaller target and would make a better attempt at avoiding the oncoming missile. I had a metal plate fly at me that fell off a truck, I managed to avoid a full on impact and it careered onto my right cylinder head taking out a 5 cent sized gouge from one of the cooling fins.
    If my leg was the target it would have been worse.
    In the car I would have definitely hit the object and done worse damage to the front.
  3. Now you know differently, some accidents are unavoidable and that's ok.

    Don't beat yourself up, pop this one into the experience bag. The next time you see a tard driving erratically, you'll be ready for the unexpected.
  4. My dad used to reckon that an accident was only an accident when your only contribution to it was waking up in the morning. This was one of those times.
  5. yep, not much you could do there, it's definitely one for the 'experience bag'.

    most insurers have written into the policy something like:
    #1. you're considered at fault unless you identify the other party (name, address, rego#, license#) and,
    #2. we AGREE you are not at fault.

    that #2 is a pain in the butt.
    basically they wanna slug someone for the repair costs, if they cant slug the other guy, your the next best thing.
  6. Thanks for the replies, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who can't think of anything I could have done differently to avoid it...

    and un_majstk, yes, and there is the rub, despite the fact that I have the rego and make etc. AAMI says that as it is caused by debris on the roadway that was kicked up by another car, it is not their fault, just like stone chips for example. I can sort of see their point, as if they accepted it for one thing, then where do they draw the line, and it comes down to my word against theirs.

    ah well.
  7. Yeh but kicked up from the breakdown lane!!!!

    I reckon it would have been good to get the rego of the van as a witness and let the plod know what the toolbag had done! :censored:
  8. I told AAMI about the breakdown lane bit, they still weren't interested, she had to check with a manager first but not interested.

    And yeah, should have thought of the van, but I didn't and it would have been just behind his line of vision...

    On the plus side, finally spoke to dad (he is in vanuatu atm) and he said
    a) sh1t happens
    b) he would be writing a letter to the motorway operators, pointing out their liability as they are supposed to clean large lumps of the previously mentioned sh1t off the roads to prevent this happening, and coupling that with a quote for damages caused.
  9. thats a damn good idea.
    couple of quotes.
    asking them to compromise and settle for the average of the two.
  10. Not every accident is avoidable, as one of the instructors at clyde said to us as we were finishing up our preprovisional course. But you can minimise the risk.

    So, I guess the lesson to take away from this is, if you see someone driving erratically/dangerously like that guy, back off the accelerator, get some distance between him and you, rather than just going "Meh, what a moron".

    I know myself that in the past I've done the same as you so I'll be adding that response to my bag of tricks in future.