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For a 2nd time...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by george7, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. Gday everyone. It seems that since i last came here, theres been an upgrade and i can now use tapatalk app to login. Happy days.

    Names george, live melb, east side. And look forward to going for some rides and the sat practice days.

    Today was an absolutely cracling day and saw plenty of bikes on the road. I was cruising around in a cage as i chose to spend this lovely day fishing rather than riding.
  2. Howdy George, welcome back.
  3. welcome aboard mate:]
  4. Welcome George, hopefully this weekend will be nice for a ride again.
  5. Welcome to netrider!

    BTW, your mum asked me to say hello. There's nothing like an older woman to test a man's prowess! But you'd already know that, after your date with @Uncle Greg@Uncle Greg's sister... ;)
  6. Hi george7 welcome to netrider. You may take UG posts as joking but he is deadly serious. The man can swallow a ten pin bowling pin up the freckle.
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  7. Oh well please say hello back for me and that i miss her. I didnt know you could contact the other side.
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  8. @Uncle Greg@Uncle Greg reckons I'm a regular on the other side... 3:)
  9. Welcome George!
  10. There can only be one.

    Round one

  11. BRING IT ON!

  12. Welcome George.. To the jungle. NR jungle, that is.

  13. Jungle George! Is new George related to Jungle Jim? ;)
  14. If jungle jim is grek, highly likely
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  15. But wouldn't that be Jungle Dimitrios? :)