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For 250 riders choosing between 600cc & 1000cc

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Removed_User4, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. This is for those who are choosing a bigger bike from a 250cc to a 600-1000cc sports bike and havent had any real decent experience riding a sports riding positioned bike or anything which has explosive high end power even like a 2 stroke motorcross bike for any real length of time other than your mates sports bike down the road or something like that because to me, this doesn't count... Am I correct? If so read on.

    First, if the salesman tells you to get a 1000cc, ignore that and tell the sales man (to your yourself...unless you can back yourself up) to *$%@ himself because he's probably an experienced rider giving his view and he just wants the biggest sale..

    If the first paragraph is the case, I must first note out to you that riding a more higher handle barred bike like your used to is far easier to ride and control than a sports riding positioned bike also your sense of balance will have to adjust to a sports riding bike. But the aerodynamics and geometry of a modern sports bike compensates this feel.

    Before we go any further lets look at the maths! A current 1000cc bike has 60% more cubic capacity than a 600cc bike and 400% more cubic capacity than a 250cc bike, approx. 600% more power than your current bike. A 600cc has 140% more cubic capacity than a 250cc and and nearly 400% more horse power from what your riding. (Pause and think) For a start, does this mean anything to you?

    (Plus with the next;)

    Secondly, not only that there is a huge jump from any 250 to a 600 sports bike power wise with but with very aggressive high end power characteristics to deal with also. More than the amount you would expect. 1/4 mile time 10.75 seconds in fact were talking about for a 600 and well under sub 10 seconds for a 1000. The only thing quicker coming straight from a factory other than a larger cc sports bike is a bullet coming out of a Smith and Wesson. Standing still at the white line from the time I take off at the lights on Dandenond Road crossing North/Wellington Roads to the white line on the other side of the intersection, my 2002 R6 reaches 145kmh. Ok, its probably the widest intersection on the planet but that is QUICK!

    Speed through the gears on my R6,
    4th didnt pay attention
    5th didnt pay attention
    6th-262kmh...that I did pay attention to.

    Plenty quick for a first time sports bike operator.

    And you can over take at 100kmh effortlessly with a pillion in top gear on a 600cc.

    Dont forget there is an enormous range of bikes to choose other than the 600 and 1000cc inline sports bikes, twins are a great option also. But if your sports bike minded and your heart is in the middle of choosing the 600cc or 1000cc, get the 600 and get used to that. Learn good bike craft on it and if you want, learn to wheely and endo it with good control (12 months minimum) and then that will be a good sign to get a 750 or maybe a 1000. Because inexperience + power + youth (if your young) is a recipe for disaster and you will probably have an accident if those 3 apply to you. I'd hate a perfectly good person doing himself/herself harm. Keep in mind you are still an inexperienced rider and if the safest option doesn't seem obvious ](*,) Im banging my head against a brick wall. You ride with a helmet and all the other safety equipment because its the smartest/safest option to ride, why shouldn't the safest option apply to choosing a correct powered bike??? If not, your just a :jerk: ! and your macho bravado attitude will get you hurt in the future.

    The 600 will do anything you want a bike to do. If know one has explained all this to you then I'm your father on this topic. Listen to the old man here get rid of your self destructive mechanism in your head and adjust your attitude!

    Also if you go straight to a 1000 what is there to experience after that? Enjoy the slow consumption of fruit from the bike manufacturers vines and dont pick the fruit to high from the tree so soon.

    You know it makes sense!

    Oh by the way, I have owned 1000's

    P.S. This has not influenced my writing but the 2002 R6 is for sale. Blue in color with Yoshimura carbon pipe. PM me if interested.

    Disclaimer; If by any chance law or traffic enforcement officers read this, I didn't let the truth get in the way of a good story. :p
  2. Hmmm despite that its a full year (364 days, but I'm not counting :S) before I can upgrade I've already started looking at which bikes are possibilities. Obviously I have to test ride them to get an accurate idea. But throwing around the general questions. Ie do I want a zx6r crotch rocket that I'll never even use close to top speed in, or perhaps a vfr so I can be comfortable but still stylish? :D

    Planning to do some touring, giving negatives towards crotch rockets. And by the time I upgrade I'm sure I'll be totally over having to revv hard to get anywhere. Not to mention kawasaki has clearly said 6r is not designed for pillions (and they say thats the way it should be) - I would like to take a pillion for some longer trips, and they'd be very uncomfortable on a 6r..

    Something in between the vfr and 6r IMO is the er6f. Don't laugh, I know they aren't powerful at all. Been looking at the specs and trying to get a feel for what it really means to me. Before you say it, yes I know I just need to test ride them but I can't wait a year! :rofl:

    Power: 26kW at 12000rpm.
    Torque: 22Nm at 7000rpm.

    Power: 53kW at 8500rpm.
    Torque: 66Nm at 7000rpm.

    Power 95.5kW @ 14000rpm
    Torque 70.5 Nm @ 11500 rpm

    Power: 110kW at 10500rpm.
    Torque: 80Nm at 8750rpm

    So at a first glance the 6f is only 2x as powerful as my little zzr whilst the others are 4x as powerful. But I love the look and sound (esp with after market pipe) of the 6f, not to mention its pretty cheap.

    Has anyone had any experience with a 6f? If so tell me all you can, price, feel, enough power, comparison etc. I like the lower down torque as 9000rpm in 6th on the freeway just to go 110 doesn't feel too great.
  3. After listening to lots of opinions I think I'll buy a horse.
  4. Well if your concered of the power for you to choose that,...a horse has 1 horsepower. :rofl:
  5. [​IMG] Smartee!
  6. i went from my ZX2R to my ZX636 and i found the power leap huge, but still controllable, i have never ridden a 1000cc but after going form the 2 > 6 i am feeling a little more confident in riding one! and wil eventually goto a ZX10R
  7. Just wondering about that. Do you ever get to use the full power of your ninja? And if not why would you upgrade to a 10r?
  8. Because he can?

  9. there are heaps of posts on 1000cc bikes having more usable torque for cruising lazily through traffic in city riding.

    the argument here for 600s could easily be reversed. After reading so many things and listening to so many people only one thing can be positively determined:

    When choosing a bike it's your choice and listening to other people will just confuse you to the point where you'll end up picking whatever the f*** you feel like at the time.
  10. Hmm a good point there - that people often get a 1000cc bike so they dont have to revv all the time (ie lower down torque). Think the er6f is the way to go for me personally then. Shame about the years wait :(
  11. phizog, Have you ever thought about getting the z1000?
  12. Phizog and all of you

    When taking advise regarding anything in life, take it from only 3 people whom are the wisest and most experienced on the matter that you have available. That goes to all of you. When asking advise about anything throughout your lives, think about the persons relevant experience on the matter and whom would be the best person for advise. DONT JUST ASK ANYONE.

    Secondly regarding this topic, again take advice whom are the wisest and most experienced and most importantly whom has owned and rode 250's, 600's and 1000's. Dont listen to anyone/thing else that has less experience that what I stipulated.

    If you want the Kwaka ER6F when your legally allowed to, that is a good choice.
  13. I don't fancy a thousand cc bike straight after a 250 so z1000 is out. I'm pretty adamant on the er6f at the moment, just wish I didn't have to wait so long. Seems to be tailored exactly for what I'm looking for - fuel efficient, commutable/still great for twisties, light, agile, low down torque, comfortable, fun, affordable (buy&insurance), looks great (IMO), sounds the business, not tooo powerful.

    So I'm officially in save $10,000 mode :) I've got a year to earn it.

  14. There is one thing you can always count on with Netrider .... plenty of expert opinions..........

    me.. I'm a long way from being an expert, but fcuk I know what I like .... I own a 6. but I also have use of an R1, I choose to ride the 6 because I commute, but for pure weekend butt clutching fun... gimme the R1 anytime.
  15. Nobby

    I never claim to be an expert...just claim to offer good common sense to people whom don't seem to get it from anywhere else. Do you understand the difference?

    What are you offering?

    Your missing the point why I wrote this...its for pure safety reasons as many learners have this question. What one likes and what should be riding after only riding a 250 can be completely different in reality. Read carefully the way I have wrote, it is clearly for the welfare of 250 riders safety whom dont have any experience other than their high handle barred 250 bike that they have rode for at least 15 months which has very little power.
  16. Are you referring to what i said about the z1000?
  17. Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking what any one person says to heart, simply asking for everyones input as people think differently and will come up with different perspectives. And I appreciate everyone's input :)
  18. So to simplify what I'm saying is, If your going to upgrade from a 250 and have no experience on anything zappy, dont go to powerful. If people cant see this as good commonsense advice...you simply have no commonsense.
  19. G'day everyone,.......

    Well as I have posted around here before,I went straight from my CB250 to the CBR1000rr6.
    I can hear people wail,....thats to much of a step up!!
    Well,...actualy,not for me as I am no stick insect,....I have some big hills to negotiate and do a lot of miles to and from work,and I don't intend to buy another bike when I can just get the bike I am going to keep and save the money from buying several bikes.
    Besides,....I am a conservative rider,.....I dont ride like "an old Granny",but I don't tend to get carried away.
    I can have fun on my CBR as I have from time to time but as a rule I stick to commuting and staying out of trouble.
    I have been learning just how sensitive the throttle is and got to know the bikes power and torque and am happy with what I can do.
    I went for the 1000. so I would'nt have to buy another bike,its worked out for me but thats just the way I am and I was suited to getting the bigger bike.
    I also think a persons attitude plays a role in how thay handle a bike as well,not going straight out and running the rings out of the bike instead of takeing your time to learn how the new bike behaves makes a differance in the transfer I'd say.

    This is just my thoughts based on my own situation and experiance.

    Dr Who?
  20. & thats the reason I've never ridden &/or owned a 250 before. At the end of the day, a bike is a
    machine that will only do what the person operating it tells it to do.

    It all depends on the rider.

    Some could never jump into the deep end, & nor would you encourage em to. Others will have
    no problems.

    Some take to riding naturally whilst others are hesitant & need time.

    Deep down, I believe everyone knows if they can take this step or not & they are the best
    person to be answering the Q.

    If they have to question themselves or ask others if they can/should. then IMHO, its best they
    not jump straight into the deep end.