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Footwear for summer

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by heffa, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Ok, i recently picked up a pair of Oxtar Infinity boots for riding. They are seriously comfy, waterproof, and very protective. They arent as warm as they look, but once the temp goes above about 30 degrees, my feet really start to sweat. So some summer weight boots would be a good idea.

    I've looked at the A* riding shoes, and the Joe Rocket equivilant, but neither seem to be any different to most skate shoes. Can anyone reccomend some good, light riding boots/shoes? Preferably not something I have to trade a kidney to afford.

  2. 30 plus degrees your feet will get hot. So if you don't want decent protection put up with hot feet.
  3. I'm with Matti-san. I've never found it that bad, even stuck in 38 degrees in city traffic.
  4. +1

    i waear the same boots hot or cold... because they are good and protect me feet. could be a bit warmer but decent socks solves this so far.
  5. Only ones I can think of at the min are:
    Icon Motorhead boot,
    RJays Speed boot,
    BMW Airflow2 & Sneaker2
    or you could try a mid length / low cut leather boot.
  6. Ya, I know my feet are gonna sweat a bit. The problem is the Infinity boots I have are pretty tall.


    The Icon boots look kinda kewl. Might try them out. Cheers :grin:
  7. Sorry to jump in guys, but I ended up getting some Icon Motorhead Boots and just wanted to say they're bloody good for the price.. I wear them all day at work and then buckle em up when I hit the road again.. Very comfortable.
  8. i got a pair of rossi half boots suplyed by work and that are really comfortable and even on a 40 deg day my feet where hot but it was berable
  9. Ok, I'm rekindling this thread again coz I've been researching light summer boots again, and I couldnt be bothered starting a new one :)

    It seems there are a number of short boots new on the market, all well ventilated, ok to walk in and reasonably priced. Ones that caught my interest include:
    A* SMX1
    A* Octane
    A* One-o-one
    Sidi Scorpion
    Shift Fuel

    Only problem is that the SMX1 (the most expensive) is the only one currently sold within Aus, while the others wont be available till around the end of summer :(
    While I do like the SMX1, I dont love it, and the $300 price tag is a bit high for a short boot.
    Any other suggestions?
  10. if you are a size 10.5 i could probably get you a pair fearly cheep
  11. A* SMX4 boots seem to offer excellent protection and have great airflow for a full length boot. They can be worn in winter also, just wear thicker socks.
  12. SIDI Vertigos come in a fully perforated version. Pricey, but very good boots. I have the non-perforated version, and they are excellent. Well worth the $$$.