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Footscray Road, Service River

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by lefty, May 18, 2007.

  1. So glad it's Friday. My first accident free week (touch wood...), and my first full week of riding so far.

    This morning was the last time I ride to work in the rain and in the dark for a while. I had just come over the bridge on footscray road, and veered off to the service road. I didn't see the gigantic river across the road until I was on top of it. Oh well... the bike got a wash. :LOL:

    I'll be coming into work slightly later on rainy mornings I think.

  2. Ahhh yes, the commute was a blast this morning.
  3. I came in on Footscray Road too this morning, at about 6:30am.

    A great tip:

    Dark, Rain and Iridium visor dont mix very well !! :)
  4. footscray road is the best

    they should just close it off at both ends and let us go sick :cool:
  5. :woot:

    Josh... good news! 1 week prang free... :woot:

    Keep it up!
  6. I forgot to put my clear visor on this morning, coming over the bridge this morning was fun!
  7. I was a jessie - and wimped out of riding today - I am yet to buy wet weather gear even though I have been tempted over the last two years (i'm a pom and used to just getting wet hehe) so when I woke up and heard the rain, I decided that the train was gonna be the way forward today :grin:

    In my old job, I just used to get wet - but now, having to navigate the westgate on the way home - with all the lights shining in the droplets of water on my visor - and seeing the amount of diesel patches on the road - I decided to train into work - also means that I get a few beers at work this arvo too... woohoo...
  8. hey geordielass !

    glad to find another pom on here, doesnt seem to be many of us around ! hehe

    i find that the rain doesnt bother me anymore, i figure that im going to get caught out in it sometime or another so best to get lots of experience on how to ride in it or i'll be screwed !! hehehe
  9. Hey Paul - where abouts in the uk u from...???
    U should come along to a monday coffee in Williamstown one night - annd we can confuse everyone by talking fast hehe :LOL:
  10. Im from Reading.
    Was thinking about coming along to the Monday night gathering sometime, sounds like fun !