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Footpegs for Ninja 300

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by rye, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Im really enjoying the new bike but have a slight problem with the left footpeg, its right in the spot where I put my foot down and it keeps poking the inside part of my shin. Its starting to give me some light bruising and unfortunately I cant really stretch further out because I have short legs :-s

    The best solution would seem to be a new rearset that moves the foot pegs slightly to the rear but they are very expensive and not yet available for the Ninja 300. Ive also been looking at aftermarket footpegs that are shorter in length but haven't found one that will fit the Ninja 300 being a new model.

    So far as I can tell the foot pegs are identical to the zx6R, so any aftermarket footpegs that fit the zx6r should also fit the Ninja 300. Do any of you guys have any experience with after market footpegs for the zx6r ? Would appreciate some suggestions on brand/quality.

  2. Put your leg down slightly in front of where it is now or slide your butt off to one side so you can put your leg further out?
  3. Bring it to saturday morning practice in elwood .. that place fixes All your problems.. AND we get to have a good perve at the new ninja 300 :)

    But seriously.. there would be 10 people there who could help with this problem by watching how you stop and put your foot down.. and then advise on a possible solution / life hack on how to do it without ending up black and blue from a casual ride.
  4. i would be quite surprised if ZX6R rearsets fitted a ninja 300, the bikes have radically different frames and that would likely result in different mounting points. I wouldnt take the gamble on them. As others have said, its likely that it can be solved with a bit of advice as im assuming you are a new rider. I think saturday practise is a good idea, people there can sort you out.
  5. The frame doesn't look much different from the Ninja 250R. See if the mounting holes are the same, if they are then get adjustable rearset for the Ninj 250R.
  6. Great suggestion my riding skills or lack of is definitely part of the solution. I'm
    coming back to riding after a few years away and I need to improve on stopping and maneuvering. would love to come this Saturday and get some advice.

    Im stilling into the pegs though, even just for the pure bling factor :) and every adjustment to help with comfort would be good at this stage.
  7. The rearset are different on the ZX6R and have different mounting points. Im just talking about the footpeg itself and the mounting brackets, they are identical in look and measurements too! They obviously raided the parts bin.
  8. The rearsets are different to the 250R I believe, but atleast the foot pegs come straight off the 6R.
  9. Hacksaw.
  10. Does any have details for Saturday morning practice at Elwood ? It doesn't seem to be listed in the events calendar.
  11. I don't know if you have change the foot pegs yet, but here's a post confirming that the Ninja 250R rearsets will work on the Ninja 300R

  12. Thanks, I've decided to go with rear set extenders as they are much cheaper and work with existing pegs. I contacted A&L motorsports who make them for the 250r and he is currently waiting on a 300 to fit them on.
  13. BP Service station at Elwood, Saturday morning between 10:00 AM and 12:00 or so. Unless the weather is terrible it is on each week. The practice is in the large car park right behind the service station. The thread for the practice is here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=115150
  14. What? He asked about earplugs, but I think he deleted the message.