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footpeg scraping issues. where does my foot go?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by JimmyD, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. hi everyone, i went for a blast today on two different bikes (wr450f and 690smc), and kept dragging my footpeg. when i was dragging the peg, the tyres still felt ok, weren't letting go but i didn't want to push any harder for obvious reason.

    on those bikes, i was just taking my inside foot off before it dragged and just had the leg out mx style and sliding my foot along the road. which looks pretty mad.

    the first time i scraped them on the ride caught me out from a little bump on the road and it pulled my foot off the footpeg.

    but my question is, when i go get a sportsbike and take that for a blast (on the track), how will i overcome this issue of getting my feet pulled off the pegs at speed. i was thinking getting my bum on the inside of the seat so it turns at the same speed without the lean angle, or will i need different footpegs to sit higher/rearward?

    or is it a bit farfetched to scrape the pegs on the new sportsbikes without running out of tyres?

    i'd rather keep the bike standard (the one i haven't bought yet haha) coz all that bling stuff looks kinda tacky, and the manufacturers would have put a lot of thought in footpeg placement.
  2. You should be scraping pegs before toes, with correctly positioned feet. Your toes should almost be on the pegs, kind of the ball of your feet. Its been covered at least 50 times if you'd like to try a search for more info too.
  3. During Q-ride when I got my license i was taught to have the arch of my foot on the pegs, and my toes pointing outward (to the side of the gear lever)

    Already hit my foot on the ground twice mid corner at the track, first time actually scared the crap out of me because I was concentrating on the cornering and didn't expect it

    For the record I didnt have my feet pointing outwards at the time, just havent taught myself to hang off enough for counterbalancing
    And size 13 mechanics shoes wouldnt have helped either

  4. What Phizog said.

    To DragonCypher: What your instructor said is great if you want to be Ewan McGregor touring Mongolia on a tractor, but no so great if you're leaning into a bend on a decent bike. ;)
  5. boot goes all the way up into the heel guard and the balls of the feet on the pegs.

    Boots with toe sliders won't take your foot off the peg. I've scraped many appendages on many corners, most people have room for more movement. :) Pegs fold up so don't stress if you scratch them up.
  6. yeah the pegs were moving up so i wasnt worried haha.

    was just wearing my knock about bike boots (A* tech 2, pretty much dirt version of the s-mx 2) which are supposed to be for fast 50's but they work well for riding dirt style bikes on the road. its probably the construction of the boot that caused my foot to get pulled off the peg, will be getting some road boots when i upgrade bikes, the a* sm-x r seems to fit my foot nicely.

    yeah i could easily get quicker, but thats for the track and i dont have a track bike. just have to wait a bit longer..
  7. JimmyD, it sounds like you're leaning away from the corner when going through - that would have the effect of leaning your bike further towards the corner and consequently scraping pegs much earlier.

    Try, as you said, leaning yourself INTO the corner (ie lean right if turning right) - this will keep the bike upright and allow you to take a corner at the same speed but more upright, compared to leaning your body in the opposite direction.
  8. Yep the cornering styles are different


    Also notice the angle of the bike on these 2 is not big, but guess which is going much faster (hint redder = faster)
  9. yeah i know what you mean, in the faster sections i hang off the side rr style, but in super tight stuff the sm/dirt style comes out.

    pegs were draggin on both styles, i must need to hang off more.
  10. +1 and true!...LMAO
  11. How much further is considered a big angle?

  12. this is a lean angle.


    im not at this level just yet, but in time we'll see. practice is everything.
  13. What an awesome picture!
  14. I stand corrected ! (or is it lean corrected)

  15. thats ridonkulous.

    i could lean like that...i just dont wanna. 8-[
  16. Sorry i meant "difference in angles"
    Yeah that motard shot is crazy
    I heard he actually crashed though (despite what the article says)