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"Footpeg, meet tarmac." - now what?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by darklightBoy, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Well, I near on $hat myself the other day on grasstree hill. Took one corner a little too hot, kept leaning, next thing I know the 'peg has said hello to the road. Made it through alright but toned it down for the rest of the run over the hill.

    Now I'm left wondering, what happens next? Do I decide that's the limit for that particular corner, or is this where I need to learn better cornering technique? Maybe both?
    Seriosly if you are touching your pegs down on city streets, then you are not moving your arse enough.

    You have to get your weight across onto the inside of the bike.
    You have to get your head low and deep into the corner almost beside the fairing

    Once you are reaching through the corner with your chin you can push the bike away from you causing it to stand up a lot while you are still taking it through the corner. You will find you have heaps more clearance and the bike will be more stable on uneaven ground.

    In this thread (https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=39714) the rider was targeting the oposit, but the cornering technique still applies.

    here is what I had to say

  3. whats next? the exhaust or maybe centrestand :LOL:
  4. For the time being, just roll with it and learn not to shit yourself when something touches down.
  5. And don't back off.

    What's this "steer with your eyes not your knees" stuff? Last time I checked, I used my arms.
  6. :rofl: :rofl:

    Seriously.. my cornering SUCKS!!
    FALCON-LORD I've printed out your tips for future reference :wink:
  7. Asking that question tells me that you're not exactly rossi when it comes to technique. So what you need to do is get as much weight as possible into the corner - start with just shifting your upper body to that side, gradually shifting more and more of your torso until its like you're peering around the bike. You'll also want to be forward and a bit lower.

    After you've mastered that you can start shifting your arse off the seat as well, start small though.

    All of this allows the bike to be more upright at x speed, so if you're scraping a peg at 60 in a 45 recommended, start leaning off and you can get it to 90-100+ once mastered + perfect road quality.
  8. Footpeg?! BAH!!

    Dont bother posting till youve scraped your handlebar ends buddy!! :p :LOL:
  9. I scraped a footpeg on a dirt bike on the weekend, um made the bike stop but me I kept going. last time I ride a PeeWee 80 :shock: :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. HEY !! I'm TRYING to work here .. :rofl:
  11. Dear DLB, you've reached the limit of lean for your bike.

    The only way to get the bike to lean LESS at that speed for that corner is start doing all that motogp cornering weight shifting/leaning your body to the inside of the bike stuff that you may have up till now not needed or considered as "for posers".

    There's a bazzillion articles on the web, on NR, and in books about cornering technique. Get reading!

    What FL has posted is basically right, but much of the "reasons why" is missing - so read to understand why you're doing those things.

    As soon as you can afford it, get yourself to an advanced riding course that features cornering skills. you wont regret it.

    Devotard, you steer with your eyes. You can't make the bike do anything if you're not seeing what needs to be done. For a noob, the discipline of looking through the corner by "pointing the chin" is the perfect starting point for dragging the whole upper body into a leaning attitude. Let the chin drag the head towards the mirror and that drags the body along with it and vuola! Weight is now on inside of bike.

    Steering INPUT is made by the arms/hands.
  12. Next, you put a titanium bolt in the end of each footpeg and spend your evenings looking for twisties and roundabouts with an audience.
  13. I understand where you're both coming from, I just like to think that riding is made up of a bunch of conscious and deliberate actions. IMO, saying "look through the corner and your body position will come" is only slightly better than saying "lean into the corner, and hopefully countersteering will be a side-effect".

    Steering with your eyes is just too waffly for me. :?
  14. Devo, you're right.

    At the recent Boulevard mentor day, I was taking the basic cornering course and my mantra was, VISION, STEERING INPUT & THROTTLE CONTROL. Everything I said had a practical purpose and was practically demonstrated. No waffly bits!! (Hopefully RodGI will back me up!!?)

    Talking about one aspect only is a bit dangerous... cornering needs a whollistic view for it to make sense.

    The point about using your vision to promote subconscious shifting of weight is a good one, but only part of the picture.

    On a more general point, noone has mentioned that the OP needs a pat on the back. He came in hot and leant the bike over even more. Most other peoples first reaction is to get on the brakes. Strong the force in this one is.
  15. Roll on the throttle some more while you're at it with the other suggestions.
  16. Thanks rob :) although I don't think I really had time to reach the brakes, was all going about 80k's through the corner :?

    Thanks to all of you for your suggestions (useful, and evil). I'm definitely going to go for one of those advanced courses when I've got the money up.

    FL, that's a great lot of tips/instructions you've got there.
  17. robsalvv..good comprehensive post. Save me having a rant. :wink:
  18. Thanks GG. :)
  19. Whats happens when your leaning right off the side, more than half a bum cheek nearly both and the peg starts to grind?

    I did this on my FZR250 and I think its the limit of how far I can go.
  20. In a nutshell. correct!

    Dont know what your body position is like, but you migt be able to save another degree if your upper body is as far forward and low as can be.

    This isnt necessarily an ideal position for control though...

    Nightgash, superbikeschool for you son!