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footpath rider???

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by mikey_mikestar, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. this isnt a near miss but couldve been.
    fri nite about 6pm i was waiting in the cue to turn right heading towards clifton hill from gipps st into hoddle st (collingwood). i was in the car as i had picked my wife up from work. i look over to my right and see a motorbike rider riding on the footpath towards hoddle. :shock:

    i didnt see where he went from the corner as i was stuck in the traffic :( but i can only think what could have happened if someone on foot or a wheelchair or even a baby pram was to have come to the corner the same time he got to the corner.

    and its a brick building so you cant see around the corner till you get there.

    total stupidity on his part i think.
  2. Mate,
    I know the exact corner which you are referring to and it shocks me to hear of it happening again, as I had seen something almost identical to this some months back !
    Unfortunately, as is this case, we are our own enemy, sadly enough, in the public's eyes.
    Hopefully this person frequents the netrider forums and puts a stop before someone is hurt.
  3. exactly my thoughts.
    the people in cars wouldve seen him and said f#@kin bike riders do whatever they want.
    hurts the guys doing the right thing. :mad:
  4. I was walking away from action in the city (syd) when some dude raced up behind me on the footpath after just having picked up the bike and joined fast flowing traffic.

    Revved the sh1t out of the bike, scared the sh!t out of me, and must have left the footpath (jumping the gutter) at about 60kph.

    He took off behind me, left the footpath about 5m in front of me, and sped past me on a big loud bike and I was non-plussed.
  5. So he was heading west on the north side footpath? Must have turned north for you to lose him. There is a bike shop around there somewhere (Guzzi & Aprilia)- wonder if he was heading for that. Either way, stupid riding.
  6. Yeah he was, I was still a few cars from the intersection so not sure where he went.
  7. get with the times. footpaths are just shortcuts
  8. shortcuts.... yes some places... but at speed and when people can get hurt NO. if you kill yourself no1 cares, hurt or kill someone else its a NONO
  9. He's taking the piss Willzah... :roll: