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QLD Footpath parking on the Gold Coast?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Petesul, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. We've got it good here in Mexico, we can filter, park anywhere, ....

    The Gold Coast may soon join other progressive cities by introducing footpath parking for motorcycles and scooters after the council recently announced plans to investigate the proposal.

    Footpath parking has been legal in Melbourne for some years and has been introduced in more recent years in parts of Sydney and Brisbane, although with varying restrictions.

    It is also common in many European and Asian cities and various New Zealand locations.

    Parking on the footpath is not only convenient for two-wheel commuters but also opens up more parking spaces for cars and encourages more riders to commute to the CBD which frees up congestion.

    It makes even more sense in tourist destinations such as the Gold Coast where a lot of tourists hire small-capacity scooters to get around.

    Gold Coast Council estimates there are more than 5000 motorcycles and scooters in the region.

    If the new rules are approved, it would be introduced in Southport, Burleigh, Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta, but not in areas where there is outdoor dining.

    - Motorcycle footpath parking to widen - Motorbike Writer

  2. Some strange parking pictured there. I find most parking in Melbourne is btw the footpath and the road (on what might be called a concrete nature strip to give an idea of where I mean). Parking against buildings and fences is discouraged bc sight impaired people walk there.

    Except for cruiser riders...they seem to park wherever the hell they want to.
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  3. This is good news.

    Though it's a bit rich saying Brisbane has footpath parking when in reality it is only at marked parks on the footpath. And there are far too few with stretches of wide footpaths going unutilised.

    I had a petition earlier in the year which I submitted to the BCC to look into further parking options. I was promised this and that.....nothing has changed.
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  4. GreydogGreydog is correct here. The photo shows one of those cantilever situations where bikes are actually parking on private property. However, we are allowed to park our bikes in most places, with some rules and guidelines (mainly pedestrian and services access). We even have some centre of road parking for bikes in the CBD, all free and unmetered. Where on earth would you stick a ticket on your bike if you bought one anyway?
  5. No tickets these days, just enter your rego into the ticket machine.

    Don't even have to get a physical ticket from the parking nazi. My Mrs got one in the mail. No photo of our car nothing, just a ticket saying we were parked illegally at x time in Y zone.
  6. Footpath parking in the Gold coast still wont save you from Gold Coast drivers - they're mad - they're still likely to hit your bike!
  7. You poor buggers! Every time I walk downtown I am treated to a bike parade, all sorts of bikes in all places. It is just accepted here, we don't take up carspaces, and all free!!!
  8. You're right about the parade. Whenever I travel to Melbourne half the fun is just wandering up and down the streets looking at bikes.
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  9. Poor buggers indeed. Melbourne is SO CIVILISED when it comes to motorcycle parking. Over here Perth must be the most motorcycle unfriendly city in the world. It is much easier to go into the city by car than by bike. Ridiculous.
  10. Just to clear up any misunderstanding but pavement parking for motorcycles is a Victoria wide rule, not just the City of Melbourne (y)
  11. Any chance of getting QLD Government to pass a similar law then? Councils seem completely disinterested in doing more to accommodate motorbikes, and why fight that battle multiple times? Do it once at a state level.
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    I guess that's the point: dealing with City councils and vested interests (show me a councillor who hasn't got a vested interest!) is often a WOFTAM. State level is the way to go, but a united front is essential. Road authorities will use the 'divide and conquer' principal if there are competing groups claiming to represent all riders: get behind your state motorcycle council and let them speak on behalf of all motorcycling groups.

    The mass ride to work followed by filling every available on street parking space with a bike is usually guaranteed to get the right sort of attention plus overwhelming support from motorists, if done properly.
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  13. Crossed the border coming home from the Snowys Ride and got to Corowa (?) for a loo stop. Town is busy; where will we park? I said, "we're Victorians, this is Victoria, we'll park on the footpath like good Victorians dammit!!"
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  14. Dude!!! That's common sense!!! It's 2015, cut that out!
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