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Footpath Parking in city?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sidecar55, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. I've got to venture in & out of the city next week for a couple of days & don't want to pay heaps to park the car. Are we still allowed to park bikes on footpaths in the city? I have to go to Magistrates Court on William Street.

  2. I think the question is do you want to turn up to the magistrate's court in your riding gear??
  3. I'm a witness. Should be able to change somewhere.
  4. You can usually find early bird parking for between $10-15, most are in by 9:30am out after 3:00pm.

    The Wilson Parking at 300 Latrobe St is $12, in by 10am out any time prior to midnight. Stick your RACV member card in and get 10% off as well.
  5. Just park where you see other bikes park.
    But generally parking on the footpath is fine, as long as it isn't obstructing peds or passage ways etc.
  6. Plenty of bikes park on the footpath outside the County Court in Lonsdale St, between William and Queen Sts. The County Court is accross the road from the Magistrates Court for those not familiar with Melbourne.
  7. Guidelines (not laws) for footpath parking in Melbourne: leave a minimum of 1.5m between buildings and the bike, and at least a wheel diameter worth of space between kerb and bike.
    If it's a really narrow footpath and in the opinion of a parking officer you are obstructing pedestrians, you can be booked (especially if it's busy). There are a handful of footpath locations with 'no motorcycle parking' signage around the city, but I don't recall any of those around the courts or William street (?)
    Just be sensible about how you get to your chosen spot (shortest route, very slow etc.) and you'll be ok.
  8. Seriously this has been covered a million times and the link with the search is all you need.
    Thread locked.
Thread Status:
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