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footpath parking impacts on general public?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tweetster, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. ...Sydneysider's don't have motorbike parking allowed on footpaths like you do in Melbourne. my question is, do you think allowing the footpath parking impacts on general public perception about motorbikes? And if so is this, or could this be, a positive perception?

    Eg: when I do visit Melbourne, I really notice the parked motorbikes and they are much more visible by their presence. Especially if you need to navigate round them etc. It also seems to me, that it could assist in positive perception or acceptance via close proximity to motorbikes by the public, which then becomes the norm. Whereas in Sydney, they are visible on the roads, but not so much anywhere else.

    Was going to post this on another thread, but did not want to take it off on a tangent.

  2. Re: ... I have a question?..

    what magical motorbike do you ride
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  3. Re: ... I have a question?..

    ha,ha,ha!.... MASSIVE faux pas there,... :rofl:
  4. Re: ... I have a question?..

    ****, i walk through sydney cbd in peak hour. there's not enough room to swing a cat, let alone park my/your bike on em.

    melbourne is a little better designed this way, nice wide roads, footpath etc. love the place ( but the weather ). we got the rough end of the stick...but nothing beats riding into work over the harbour bridge in the bus lane past all those cages..
  5. Re: ... I have a question?..

    I've lived in Melbourne and am now a semi-frequent visitor.
    Biased opinion obviously, but I've always loved the parking on footpaths thing. It's like a museum of sorts, and I've seen all sorts of bikes parked around the CBD.
    I've never had to "navigate around them" either...
    I would love to see this in Sydney wherever the footpaths are wide enough, again obviously.
    I'm not sure what other kind of responses you expect? Everyone here probably "notices bikes" anyway...
  6. Re: ... I have a question?..

    Maybe, but you havn't answered the question in regards to general public perception, not perception from the point of view of a rider....
  7. Re: ... I have a question?..

    Living in Melbourne I can't say I pay attention to bikes parked on the footpath, probably because we are accustomed to it much like cars parked in the marked bays.
  8. Re: ... I have a question?..

    Being accustomed to seeing the bikes on the footpath, does this then subconsciously make the general public more aware when out driving, of having bikes about?
  9. Re: ... I have a question?..

    OK then, Mrs K just said she "noticed, but didn't pay attention" to the bikes on the footpath.
    My boy of 17 loved talking with me about the bikes we saw.
    And now I think about it, the old man (anti-me-riding-bikes) commented on a nice custom Harley the same day. Dad had never seen a belt-drive before...
    I don't know any other "general public" who don't ride ;)
  10. Re: ... I have a question?..

    As a daily commuter I'd have to say no
  11. Re: ... I have a question?..

    I just love the way bikes are parked on footpaths in Bleak City. It works and doesn't obstruct pedestrians from my observation.=D> It makes sense that the practice should be implemented where-ever practicable without inconveniencing the general public. However, just because it works and makes sense is no guarantee that the grouches and ****wits in grey suits will ever allow it to happen.:rolleyes:
  12. Re: ... I have a question?..

    No, their situational awareness is limited by their level of competence.
    If you see heaps and heaps of bicycles parked in their parking bays, usually on footpaths, does it make you more conscious of them on the roads?.
  13. Re: ... I have a question?..

    If they were parked in bays like this, then possibly yes....

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  14. Re: ... I have a question?..

    As a visitor to Melbourne, I really noticed the bikes on the footpath (no negative connotation here!). Was wondering if this impacted on the general public's perception of motorbikes as a whole?
  15. Re: ... I have a question?..

    I'm with Smee on this -- one thing I noticed while near LaTrobe street today, was the bikes parking in the bays on the middle of the road (like they're supposed too) -- I just don't see that often ;)
  16. Re: ... I have a question?..


    Very good.
  17. Re: ... I have a question?..

    I don't think so as it's second nature down here.
    You being from sydney would notice it more but whether that would raise your normal situational awareness when driving is up to you.
    We are creatures of habit and as such we fall into them very quickly.
  18. Re: ... I have a question?..

    Maybe whenever a bike is parked on the footpath a sign should be hung on it that reads...

    "You are able to walk around this bike because you found the parking spot I left you. Please thank a motorcycle rider on your drive home."

    That might increase some awareness (assuming people who drive know how to read). :)
  19. Re: ... I have a question?..

    I agree here. Much as I'd love for footpath parking ala Melbourne, Melbourne CBD has the distinct advantage of the footpath on each side being almost the width of a 2 lane road compared to the narrow pedestrian-packed goat trails around George St and the rest of the Sydney CBD.
  20. I think people would notice them at first then just become oblivious. Would they then see them on the roads as a result? Who knows? Contact a universtity and see if someone is interested in doing a thesis on it.
    20,000 words on why stoopids are allowed to drive on the roads with zero awareness of anything outside the cage.