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VIC Footpath parking banned?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Tim^, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Just heard on a radio news bulletin (3AW), melb is going to try and ban bikes from footpath parking!!! WTF

    Due to the recent increase in the popularity of bikes, councils are looking to ban parking on the footpaths!!
  2. Re: [Vic] footpath parking .. banned

    My ****ing fcukburger they are.
  3. That'd just be the Melbourne Council looking for more money.
  4. No Way !!!!!!!!

    Im sure that theres enough of us around now to make a big deal out of it if they do try to stop it..........
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  6. So the MRAA are aware of the plan but they chose not to pass the info around???

    I swear they need to be beaten with a yoshi :mad:

    Time to organise a park in I reckon.

    None of this Saturday morning shit either. Get in there during the weekday, as early as possible and take up a parking spot. Do it over the course of a week and I bet that they will back down real quick.

    Lets choose a week to do it, publish the "park-in" and lets start to piss off some pen pushers.

    What say you?
  7. vic sounds like a great idea.....too bad i work in burbs..... :oops:

    one question arn't a couple of the media people ride scooters/bikes (Tracey Grimshaw/Kochie's, are they based in vic or nsw?? Would it be worth hitting them up, as they too have a very big vested interest in parking whether it be a bike or a scooter
  8. +1 to Vic's comments.

    I cant believe this is the first I have heard about this and its going before the council next Tuesday ?????????

    Do we get to have any say in this ???
  9. I'm there!!
  10. Vic, that sounds awesome. Wish I was down there to "help".

    Make sure you park one bike per spot, diagonally across the park, so nothing else can park there.
  11. I'm there. any word from the MRA yet?

    (Even though I go to uni in hawthorn, I reckon park in, load the meter up, and train out.)
  12. I'm up for a park in. I'm in the city every day, I'll just have to get my damn tail light fixed.
  13. Trouble is 99.99% of on road spots in the CBD are only 30 min - 2hr spots so unless you want to go out and physically move the bike all day** you will cop a ticket because you can guarantee the grey (beige) ghosts will be red hot that day.

    ** Victoria road laws state you must physically leave that street parking area once the time limit is reached (in other words go around the corner to another spot) and not just top up the meter.
  14. Im in the city every day too.

    Definately up for a park in.

    Anyone have a contact in the MRAA to confirm any of this and see if they have any plans also ?
  15. + 1 to Vic's comments, we need to do something and fast!

    Had a look at the MRAA website not a mention of it. Useless bunch of :jerk:

    To allow this would set a dangerous precedent IMO and would lead to other councils following suit.

    The article mentions banning two wheeled transport, does this include push bikes? I think not.

    When are the powers that be going to wake up and realize that motorcycles are a big part of the answer to this city's traffic congestion problems and actually support us instead of taking away our rights?
  16. Their shows based in Syd. But nothing stopping anyone from contacting the stations. After all they do ask for stories of interest.

    OH BTW .. Footpath parking allowed in Shepparton. :LOL: Got that directly out of the mouth of a parking dude yday.
  17. My thoughts exactly !!!!

    Everyone is way too quick to criticise us, but think about how much worse the city would be if we all drove cars in every day !!
  18. WTF! We have Netriders like pshields and others working hard over here to get pavement parking legalised in Perth, and just when things start looking pretty good our major example of why it works now threatens to pull the plug? FFS!
  19. So they want to bring in extra parking to compensate - what's the bet they don't think that through either. I know Ballarat has quite a few specific motorcycle bays - most of which are completely unusable since some dumbshite on the council failed to see a problem with 45 degree angle bike parks on a steep hill :roll: (even the local parking inspector uses the footpath instead).
  20. I'm willing to bet that the council would even try to put parking meters on the bike parking spots they create.

    Melbourne City Council how can we charge you today