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Footpath parking and Melbourne CBD commuting numbers??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Could someone body please confirm for me when Victorian riders obtained footpath parking? My google fu has F.U'd and it won't come up.

    Also, any idea what the PT commuting numbers into the CBD are like? I've spotted that MCC draft transport strategy noted a doubling from 2004 to 2006, but can't seem to find anything else.


  2. It won't happen SRA.

    OK, Wolve has sent me some info, 1987 was the year. I thought it was earlier - that was a good MRAA win. Credit where credit is due.

    As for how many PTW's, that's not clear.

    I have a radio interview tomorrow for WA morning radio, they are exploring the benefits of PTW's and the recent move by Perth city council to remove street bike parking and reject mc on path parking. Boggles my mind! Anyway, they want the Melbourne perspective.

    Feel free to share some melbourne perspectives peeps! :)

    Tappedouttalking, Android style.
  3. my bike is invisible.
    can't park on the street. car will back into it or truck will run over it.
    could'nt give a crap if people walk into it.
  4. I love how they say that we 'illegally' ride our bikes onto footpath. As has been mentioned a few times, its not illegal. Numpties.
  5. lol at that.

    where we park on the footpaths doesn't stop people from walking on the footpath... its not like i'm parking in the middle of a footpath and you have to walk around my bike, also i'm not about to get off my motorbike and push it along the footpath to park it.
    if they want it banned, create more motorcycling parking areas specifically made for bikes and away from car spots.. where the chances of them reversing into it.. or swinging into a car spot and knocking it over.
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  6. Not from Melbourne, but nearly had my bike reversed over last year.

    The female, middle-aged driver just didn't bother to look in the mirror and completely failed to notice the motorbike parked behind her vehicle and happily proceeded to reverse straight onto me. Fortunately I was just about to leave at the same time so I slapped her car to get her to stop. Seemed to believe that it was in some way my fault, too.

    Wouldn't happen on the footpath.
  7. think the nuptie walkers should have a far bigger problem than motorcycles with

    - the stores that spew their wares and 'A' frames out onto the street
    - the latte set and their BS 'al fresco' side walk cafes....

    between the bloody cigarette smoke and the vehicle fumes these establishments have to be the pits when it comes to being able to enjoy food
  8. They are right that it's not legal to ride to your park on the foot path. The guidelines say clearly that you are to get off and push your bike. But the walkers are drawing a very long and prejudicially generalising bow making it an "issue" in the whole of the city.
  9. This is something that, like the foot-off-peg rule, needs to be rationalised in a clean up of the rules with Vicroads IMO. Otherwise it's going to be used maliciously by belligerent authorities.
    There's already something in there about shortest possible distance (for all vehicles crossing footpath) that conflicts.
  10. Well the interview has been run and maybe won.

    I just listened to my side of the convo - I used iPhone to record myself in the booth - and well, on balance I'm mostly happy with my side of the conversation. Self score, 6 out of 10.

    This media gig is harder than it looks though. I didn't really hit many of the messages I had pre-prepared, so I kinda felt like I hadn't delivered, but I sound relaxed and credible. Not bad for one night's notice.

    They promised to send me audio, if it's a podcast I'll link it up. :)
  11. Good work Rob! You did well for the limited time you had. (y) "Go hug a motorcyclist" Love it!
  12. Just listened to the interview Rob. Good job & well done.

  13. How many times do.I have to say this. It IS legal to ride onto the footpath. It used to be a sticky in the politics forum. I'll find it again. Remember, the guidelines are just that: guidelines. Not law.