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Footpath as shortcut

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vinz, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Wednesday afternoon, going north on Burke Rd, at the Doncaster Rd intersection I got stuck behind traffic waiting for the lights, no room to split to the front. Another rider behind me must have thought: bugger that, I'll take the footpath (right in front of Beaurepaires).

    Mate, if you read this, you are a disgrace! Riding at 40+km on the footpath is asking for trouble and gives all us a bad name. I know you wanted to impress the guys behind you on bigger bikes but you need to leave your ego at home. Take out as many car mirrors out as you want but leave pedestrians out of the equation!

    Sorry people, but seeing that just pissed me off. We are so lucky we can use the footpath for parking but if people start doing that shit then I can see an end to that.
  2. Yeah, that does seem a little rude :eek:
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  4. I want a motard so badly.
  5. I agree that it's ridiculous. I'm sure the guy (or gal) doing it thought he (she) was pretty clever at the time. That's the problem though, they are the same people that sit there crying in court saying "It was a mistake and I'm sorry, I didn't think..."

    Seriously mistakes are costly, both on bikes and in cars and I think that people like this need to really sit down and have a think about that kind of behaviour BEFORE they kill somebody.

    As a sidenote Vinz, I personally believe that your bike firmly belongs on the footpath... :grin:
  6. KTM, the company that gets away with making the bike ads we want to see.
  7. I've done it before, and will do it again. Its good fun :) Of course not to be done when theres pedestrians around. Its a BIKE ffs.
  8. You've done what phizog? Used a footpath at 40km/h during peak hour to avoid an unsplittable piece of traffic?
  9. If i came to an intersection that had a left turn slip lane, and the cars infront had blocked my way through (both by splitting, and being too many infront of me), and the lights had only just gone red, then i'd consider using the foot path, not at 40km, more like 10-15 tho...
  10. the KTM pulls chicks...i want one!!

  11. KTM = function over form (let's face it, it's ugly).

    Cruiser = form over function.

    Now who's rolling their eyes? :LOL: Go pick up some cruiser slarts.
  12. oh, ..and footpath... NO.
  13. married with dirtmagnet.
    had two 'tards...love em.

    you need worms to fish :)
  14. lets see, couriering in london i spent about as much time on the footpath as on the road, would i do it again hell yep.
  15. pfft, OP is jealous 'cause he couldnt (or was too frightened to) jump the kerb :rofl:
  16. How do you know he was doing 40?
  17. I think you meant:
    Cruiser = noise.

    Sports bike = form and function ;)

    :? I want THOSE drugs :LOL:
  18. Riding on the footpath is just asking for trouble.

    Can you imagine the scream from Harold Scrubby if we ran that add in Australia!
  19. Yes, but the upside is that he might spontaneously combust from an excessive build up of righteous indignation :grin: .
  20. Oh dear.

    And heres me thinking the reason they make footpaths exactly the right width for my bike is..........NO No no.