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Football - Michael Owen to Man Utd

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dougz, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. What a disgrace. One thing you NEVER do is sign for Liverpools greatest rivals especially when you are looked upon by the fans as a legend of the club. I hope this deal falls through but if it doesn't then beating Utd to next seasons Premier League title will be all the sweeter :twisted:


  2. Owen's glory days are over. i couldnt see him doing much at Man U. He didnt do much for newcastle :LOL: Robby Fowler could put in a better effort these days :LOL:
  3. Love watching good quality soccer, and can't wait for the World Cup next year :cool:

    But anyone who crticises Salary Caps doesn't have to look too far...has anyone apart from Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal won anything in last decade or two??
  4. Man U are going down regardless, owen wont cover for tevez and ronaldo, It's liverpools title to take, His man u appearance at anfield will be interesting to say the least, i can't see the polite claps and little ovation if he is replaced he would have recieved playing for somebody, anybody else there
  5. Won't happen if Alonso and Mascherano are sold. We're also still short a striker as cover for Torres.