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Foot scraping the ground

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kaer, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. I've only recently run into this problem, and am not sure if it's my riding style or bike or what.

    Current bike is a Honda Spada, and I'm 6 feet tall.

    As I'm going around corners, and really leaning into it, the inside of my foot is sliding along the ground. Normally scares me a bit, and I straight up and slow down.

    Before (as in 6 months ago), the pegs would scrap, not my feet.

    Am I leaning over too far? Or has my foot just changed positions from normal?

    It happens mostly to my left foot (though for whatever reason I also lean further left than right).

    Know it's rather hard to describe without seeing it, but if it's an obvious problem, wouldn't mind any tips.

  2. I've heard a few people talk about there feet scraping, but it's never happened to me. Scraped the pegs, pipes and on the Blackbird even scraped the fairing but not my feet!
  3. With scraping your pegs maybe theyhave shortened... or you have maybe changed where you're placing your feet as your confidence has grown
  4. Have you tried moving the ball of your foot to the peg?
    Alternatively, it may be time for you to "hang off" a little.
  5. been scraping the left foot on the CT110 for ever and the pegs as well... I find this is due to foot position... if it is nice and square with the bike the foot pegs will get scraped but if the foot is all relaxed and off to the side it gest a scraping...

    On the VFR I tend to scape both feet :) but than I'm using rear footpags of a ZZR... so they are smaller..
  6. hey kaer

    i ride a vtr 250 and 6 foot tall, and somthings i have the same problem, i just move my feet up so my toes are on the pegs it sloves the problem when i corner

    cheers hope that helps
  7. red clown shoes?

    message not too freakin short
  8. so let me see if i'm getting this... you're scraping the inside of your foot? as in the side of your foot where your big toe is?

    i scraped the virgin sliders on my boots on the weekend but they're on the outside of the foot.

    i'm confused :-k
  9. The suggestion to move your foot on the peg so that the balls of your feet (just behind your toes) are on the pegs instead of the instep, is a very sensible one. In fact, I ride like that pretty much all the time and have done so for years. It's comfortable and it keeps your feet well off the deck.
  10. The outside edge of most of my boots have worn away from dragging through the corners.

    I used to use it as a bit of a guide so I'd know when the pegs were about to scrape, then I hit a cats eye at about 90kmh and nearly broke all my toes.

    Now I always use the balls of my feet on the pegs, it makes it easier to weight the pegs too so a good idea all round I reckon.
  11. Yep, scraping the inside of the foot, where the big toe is. Enough that the leather has almost worn away in one spot.

    Which is why I'm slightly puzzled as to what I've done to change.
  12. That might be it. But then to change gears, are you moving your foot back? I just lift and slide.
  13. Might not be too far off. These are fairly new boots (about 3-4 months old). And would be around the time I started doing this.
  14. If it's happening now and wasn't happening before, is it possible that the suspension has "settled" a bit with your riding and you're running out of clearance earlier? Failing that, I'm voting for the red clown shoes!
  15. I must also say that I'm no fan of the "balls of the feet" method; I like to have my brake pedal adjusted so that my foot sits at a natural angle on it at all times, cornering is one time when the rear brake can be useful. It's right at hand, or at foot, so to speak.
  16. Nah, it's just because you ride like an old woman, ya big woose!
  17. ^^^^speaking of changing pedal positions, i've found that I have to move my left foot quite a distance to change gears on my bandit. I'm not sure if this is normal, I just kinda figured that the gear lever should be really close to your foot. Mine certainly isn't. Is this normal and how far do you guys have to move your foot when changing gears?

    As far as scraping your toes go, if your bike is pretty new then what the others said about your suspension settling in certainly has merit. I've had my toes scrape a few times in a hard lean but thats because my feet have been in the wrong positions! :?
  18. I'm trying hard to visualise this.

    Okay, you're sitting on the bike. Let's say you lean the bike to the side. As you do so, the part of your foot that is nearest to the ground will be the outside edge - from your little toe back towards the heel.

    Your big toe is going to be further away from the ground than your little toe, surely?

    Unless of course you're sitting on the bike backwards... :LOL: :p :LOL:
  19. Muppet, if your gear-shift lever is too long, go to your local engineering shop and get them to do a "cut and shut" on it and shorten it so it rests on the top of the first joint of you big toe with your foot under the lever. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes to the quality of yor gear changes. And, despite above comment, you may want to do the same thing for your brake pedal as well!