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foot grazing rd on corner = pants poop

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by buckett, May 28, 2012.

  1. howdy!

    I've only been riding for a few months and I have a 99 cb250 that I'm absolutely loving as a starting bike to learn to ride on!

    Last night I was heading home from work late at night and taking a really nice smooth left hand bend with good visibility reasonably quickly and trying to practice really leaning into the corner and relying as little as possible on turning the bars.

    anyway long story short i lent the bike quite a bit i guess because my boot scraped (not the peg because i think my foot was sticking out a bit) the road a little and I freaked out a bit instinctively but didn't do anything stupid thank god!

    Is it normal to lean it this much? what am i doing wrong? should i have been cornering slower? (I didn't feel like i was hitting it super hard). any advice on whether this is normal to happen would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I had the same happen to me about that far into my riding career. The advice here was foot positioning was wrong. I now ride with balls of my feet on the pegs and only get the pegs to scrape these days, not the boot!
  3. You should have the balls of your feet on the pegs when cornering, that'll keep the tip of your boots safe :)
  4. oooohh riiiight, and if the pegs do scrape that's not going to be a major problem? I have a cartoonish clip in my head of catching on the road and spinning out?!
  5. and thanks!
  6. Nope. The pegs fold upwards.
  7. What do you mean?
  8. Yeah as said above, boot scraping means your feet are too far forward.

    And don't worry about scraping pegs, everyone does it.

    Watch this

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  9. I think he means leaning in consciously rather than just sitting up and steering.
  10. I read (somewhere on the super-reliable mash that is the interwebs) that on a faster corner you lean in, keep your vision and head up and way ahead of where you are (ie further down rd) and put a little pressure on your inside hand? (left hand for left turn). seems to work and feel right for me...

    wrong? completely retarded?
  11. yeah and what tone said!
  12. yeah that too!
  13. That is the gist of it, all good points. Pushing in the bars is known as counter steering.
  14. For a given turn radius, at a given speed, the bike will lean less if your body is leaning more toward the inside of the corner. Similarly if you are sitting straight upright you will need to lean the bike more.

    This can let you faster around the corner (on the same line) without running out of clearance or can be used in the wet to keep the bike more upright (although I don't understand exactly how that helps grip, it seems like the right thing to do!).
  15. Sound like you're at the point where a lot of this will start making sense, make a nice cuppa or grab a beer and work your way through these...

    Cornering Basics 101 - Barest Minimum Cornering Technique

    Cornering Basics 102 - Improving the Basic Technique

    Cornering Basics 103 - Vanishing Points

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  16. yeah... aren't we in it? I couldn't find anything on the pegs/foot scrape that's why i started a thread, sorry if I'm in the wrong spot!

    thanks again everyone
  17. good one buckets
  18. Simple, keep your toes up and not leaning out,