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Foot Gear Lever

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by kiss_the_future, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. Will any after market lever fit on any bike, or do each make and model require there own special lever.

    My lever broke off in a crash, i want to temporarily replace it so i can transport the bike and get some quotes for the full repairs.

    Im riding an Aprilia Rs 125 99 model.
  2. Correct.

    Or go to a wrecker or dealers and buy a lever for your bike and make it a permanent replacement.

    Hope the accident wasn't too harsh
  3. Some mix and match but I don't like your chance with an Aprillia.
  4. The lever on my Aprilia SL1000 falco looks pretty stock to me. There's only so many ways a n Italian bike can be better than a Jap bike ;-) he he he ;-)
  5. I was gunna buy an Aprilla, but I dont like caffe' latte' :). Hey MrOkimura, can I take ya Falco for a squirt ?,. A most ace bike to have a play on.
    Please ? :D
  6. I like Aprilia the motorbike.

    I dont know what the cafe latte Aprillia you're talking about. I dont drink coffee.

    Now you cant be talking about the bike because its only spelt with one L...so it must be some kind of coffee beverage.
  7. If it broke on the shaft rather than the join, you can just get any mechanic etc.. to weld together for you. i've done it before and it worked a treat. I'd still advise replacing it, but as a temporary solution it beats ringing around wrecking yards.
  8. I replaced a gearshift lever assembly on a friends zzr250 for under $50.. not sure about an aprilia tho
  9. I broke the shift lever on my Tengai (before it got stolen - don't get me started on that again) and temporarily rigged up a ring spanner to get me home. I then got a local marine engineer to weld the broken lever together for me as it was alloy. Total cost $20 as opposed to $80 for an OEM replacement. There are a variety of aftermarket levers available, but none suited my bike.