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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by russ, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/national/three-drinks-and-youre-out-20080614-2qng.html

    how to destroy any credibility behind your sensible drinking campaign...

  2. drunk with power :roll:
  3. We all know that it is silly. Just ignore it.
  4. Actually it's four standard drinks which will be regarded as binge drinking.

    So everytime you share a bottle of wine with your significant other or go out to dinner with friends and share a couple of bottles of wine you are going to be binge drinking! :shock:

    That will do heaps for the credibility of the NH&MRC and NDARC. Idiots!
  5. "But wait... we can sponsor 'research' that proves we are right. Then we can hire communications specialists to condense the message down into a single, simplified repeatable mantra. Then we can spend untold millions on driving that simplfied mantra into the minds of every man woman and child in the country, until they repeat it in their sleep and never ever question the message or the facts again."

    "Worked with Speed, didn't it?"
  6. yes, and three glasses of wine is 4 standard drinks.
    so the original post was correct.
  7. ok so now I'm a binge drinker .. :roll:
  8. Honestly officer ... I only had two glasses tonight ...

  9. I was one before... but now I'm a really naughty one.
  10. As far as I am aware the research was based on how much alcohol the body can break down at any given time before it starts to experience damaging effects.
    Whether you like the numbers or not they are based on physical effect not interpretation.

    As such the numbers are worth noting. This being said any decent night out is likely to accrue one or two more drinks than they have defined as a “Bingeâ€
    Seriously this is just a media beat up.
  11. WTF the wowsers have taken oven the government! I cannot believe the amount of bullshit being pushed around. fcuking bing drinking after four drinks! They are losing all credibility with this crap.

    Next it will be 12 step program for anyone who has gotten pissed in their teens. :roll: :roll:
  12. All depends on what they DO with it. Everyone who's ever had a drink or two knows it's not actually doing you a lot of good. Most of us make a judgement on how much harm we are willing to accept (and some get in very, very wrong).
    What we have here is official government guidelines about that judgement, that all sorts of policy decisions can be based on. It's not beyond the realms of possibility for these guidelines to lead to official government legislation. in one form or another. There is no current suggestion of that at the moment (and the Feds haven't been in power long enough to create a track record), but we see that happening all the time with state governments in relation to other things.

    The problem is this: you get governments accepting at face value recommendations that are clearly out of step with the standards of the general community, and sooner or latter you get laws and policies that are also out of step.

    I believe binge drinking IS a real problem now in Australia. But so are bad laws and policies. An extreme example? Prohibition in the US in the 30's.
  13. labelling drinkers who have 4 drinks in a sitting as in the same category as poeple who drink until they pass out/can't stand/vomit negates the message they are trying to send.

    it is exactly the same as the 'speed kills' campaign. the moment you start demonising people who go 3kmph over the limit, equating them to those who got 50kmph over your message is lost.

    They've very specifically chosen the word "binge" to add some punch to the message, instead the negative association with "binge" is now out the door, since all but non-drinkers are now bingers
  14. Yep that is a very good point.
    This set of statements is not an issue, it is if they start forming restrictive legislation based on it that it becomes an issue.
    Or more likely it would appear that instead it will justify an other tax
  15. True, but in terms of alcohol consumed per year, per person we're no different to any other Western nation. And consumption figures haven't changed for the last couple of decades.
    What has changed though is the number of alcohol related crimes, and the number of extreme cases of alcohol poisoning - which are clearly linked to far more complicated issues and have absolutely nothing to do with the vast majority of drinkers.
    Once again it's a case of the Government inconveniencing the majority due to the actions of a minority. The next step will most likely be a massive tax increase on beer and wine - justified of course under the pretense of "helping reduce binge drinking" and nothing at all to do with the massive increase in revenue they'll receive as a result.
  16. Heh, I can have about 7 drinks over the course of an evening and still be safe to drive. Did it the other night, got breathalyzed on the way home, not a word from the nishe offisher.

    You can see what they're trying to tackle though, every now and then when I'm feeling masochistic I head down to Chapel street or into the city on a Saturday night. All kinds of people are getting all kinds of f*cked up, on a weekly basis.

    Reminds me of the time I spent in Ireland... Christ they booze like there's no tomorrow in Cork, smashed every night. You'd see gaggles of middle-aged women vomiting in the gutters at 5am with piles of cans beside them.

    But booze-houndage isn't the root of the problem, it's an effect. People get smashed for a number of reasons, and while occasionally it's out of celebration or experimentation, it's more usually because of depression, boredom, peer pressure, hopelessness, a lack of interest in the world and a feeling that there's nothing better to do. Clearly it's easier to target the symptom than the cause in that case.
  17. Time to drag the homebrew barrels out from under the house methinks. Enough full strength beer to float a battleship, in a few weeks, for pocket change.

    Or if I go the wine route, enough gallons of fruity rocket fuel to keep me and MrsB firmly in the binge category from now until the next batch.

    Ho hum, it's a hard life :grin: .
  18. That's way too sensible a post to exist here!

    Yup, Kevin 'I was too smashed to know I was in a strip joint' Rudd is now labelling us as binge drinkers. Excellent.
  19. Very true. It is definitely not a change in the facts, just a change in the measured assessment of what those facts represent.

    WTF? How can it be blamed on Kevin? It is a University report released when he wasn’t even in the country. That is almost a PP response to the story.

    As I said in my original post this is all a beat up.
    How would people respond if the whole thing was absolutely factual.
    “New research has shown that liver damage starts at 3 – 4 standard drinksâ€
    If the word binge was left out of it then this whole thing would be relegated to the back page of some obscure medical journal, and we wouldn’t be talking about it. Every one is getting there back up because of the way the story has been presented.
  20. i put it in quotes to help in my original post:
    this isn't some obscure medical report, it is going to be introduced in government literature. This will then flow on into policy attacking 'binge drinking'