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Foolly Sik Thunderace (YZF1000) - but I want it

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Check this out, tell me if I'm a goose for thinking seriously about bidding:


    On the one hand the dude obviously loved it and cared for it well, it's blinged up and tricked out (or is it the other way around?) and it would go like the clappers.

    One the other, it's clearly been flogged down the standing 400 a fair few times, so presumably it's had more wear on the engine than another similar age/km bike.

    Waddaya reckon?

  2. Yeah nah.
  3. I wouldn't risk the money..........
    (says he as he checks out his bank acct... signs onto ebay........)

    But for a second bike for fun/trackdays/dragdays.... what a hoot!!!
  4. If it looks too good to be true....
  5. Yeah, agreed... and of course what I really need is a day-to-day workhorse sports-tourer that will take me to work every day without hassle... and that bike ain't that... but if the Lotto dropped, it'd be a fun hoon machine until it blew up messily. ;)
  6. That's the sort of machine you might take a punt on if you'd ridden it and looked it over and the guy turned out to be a real meticulous mfker.

    I don't think ebay is your answer.
  7. True, although in this case it's in striking distance from me and I could go over for a ride if I fancied doing so. But as said, more of a nice dream than any sort of reality. It's looking more like I'll end up getting a Loz-mobile or an Iffracem-mobile at this stage...
  8. very indecisive arent you bravus?? :p :p
  9. If you're close enough, that bike might be worth a look. But take somebody along who can spot not only the SIGNS of abuse but the EFFECTS.
  10. Cock yeah, joel, I'm all over the map! ;)

    Actually, a lot of what it is is I've been waiting a longass time, and I thought my loan would come through on Friday and I'd be able to do something, but it didn't so I was flailing around all weekend with my nose pressed up against the glass. ;)

    Plus I'd kinda had my heart set on the half-faired SV/Firestorm school of v-twin 'Jap Duke', but then it got damn cold and I realised a full fairing might be a nice idea. ;)

    Once I have actual dough to spend it will concentrate the mind and I'll end up getting something sensible fairly quickly, and put yez all out of yer misery. :p

    Sadly I don't have such a buddy in Brisvegas, Loz... plus by the time these bank fuX0rs get back to me it'll prolly be too late... and it's really not a sensible bike...
  11. slow_suzuki seems to know his shit when it comes to bikes, perhaps a beer is in order??
  12. Cold up in Brisvegas, what that below 20 degrees?
  13. This bike screams "I've been thrashed like a $2 hooker" Doesn't mention how many km on it etc.

    Why paint a perfectly good bike that has NOS?? Prob because you binned it down the strip!

    For not much more $$ a very nice Thunderace with verifiable history could be obtained.
  14. All finished, sold for $5.5k to the sole bidder, I'm not sorry. Still looking for The One.
  15. Go back to your original path methinks.

    If you want a cheap 1000cc bike the last of the FZRs is probably a better option. You'd find that scraping in a 10.9 isnt unacheivable on a FZR1000 from 1991-1995 anyway, and it will set you back less money and be more reliable.

    Given how fast the scenery can blur in the right hands any 600, 750 (or 850 twin :wink: of course) can go more than fast enough. You dont need nitrous on a street bike and you dont want the abuse consequences of it either.

    There's still good YZF600's around, and CBR600's too. they sounded like what you were looking for.

    As far as buying on ebay, yeah good luck to those who do but I've never been a fan.
  16. Yeah, the NOS was a demerit from my perspective rather than an advantage - if I could find a clean and straight YZF1000 (or FZR) for that money it would be far preferable to something like this.

    I definitely won't be buying anything off eBay without an upclose and personal inspection from me or a trusted friend (or hopefully both).

    I think you're probably right that something in the 600-750 range is more what I need, though I'm looking at the odd ZX9R as well...

    I guess I'm also trying to creep forward in the years a bit without going over budget - the YZF600s and 750 I've been looking at are nice but are all early/mid-90s models. Something in this century would be nice if the budget would stretch...
  17. I guess if you have to buy a bike that's a few years older, make sure it's a model that's damn near bullet-proof.

    I wouldn't be taking ZX-9s off your list just yet.
  18. i am still not sure why you have scrapped the sv650 of your list... they seem to be very well suited to what you are going to use it for :?
  19. Yeah, it's definitely not gone... I'm just tending more toward a full fairing since it will basically be all highway cruising. Mind you, slow_suzuki (in a PM) said on the issue of full vs half fairing 'you live in Queensland, FFS, stop being a baby and get a naked!' ;) There are a few nice SVs around, and they're still under consideration, but all other things being equal I think I'd prefer something with a full fairing.
  20. I agree with S_S on that, a decent half fairing is all you need in QLD. Actually, I find the tiny fly screen on the SRX all that I need up here, but then, I am used to Tassie winters :?

    Another bonus with nekid/semi nekid is the easier maintenance (in most, but not all cases)

    We're spoilt for choice these days... lots of great bikes to choose from :cool: