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Fookn Hell

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jack_17, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. hi everybody dont mean to complain but im really pissed off. To start of with my bike just has one problem after the next firstly theres leaks from all different directions, could be fixed easily ive been told but on both sides of the fairing one screw is hacked at which makes it impossible to take out. Secondly i was told to get a new battery by some "mechanically minded" person which is $50 out of my pocket, i didnt mind untill i found out it done nothing in helping it start.

    After i got over it I amazingly convinced mum to let me ride her zzr, took it out this morning to a carpark thinking being sunday it will be empty but noo it wasnt, "hmmm ok i'll take it out after five o'clock, shop will be closed" yes youd think that but it was twice as full as it was in the morning. :evil:

    so yeah really pissed just had to get it off my chest.
  2. That was your last post, what are you on about?

    nb: Wasn't me who told you it was rooted, just confused. :?
  3. your mum and you have matching bikes? how cute :p

    why don't you take off the fairings on both bikes, swap em over and then you have the mechanically good one, and your mum can deal with the stuffed one :shock: :p

    hunt around for a better carpark, there should be plenty to choose from, sounds like you had bad luck, along with bad luck with the bike so far :oops:
  4. yes i was told it was shit by this mechanically...... Next morning same thing with new battery so i put my original battery in mums bike to test it and it worked fine. And yes i know i shouldve tried this before hand but thought this guy knew more than me which he does.
  5. Sometimes, shit just happens.... :)
  6. Keep it down will ya

    BRILLIANT, cant believe i didnt think of that before

    Ta i needed to be told again :( but seriously i might pay for a lesson and get most of the basics then go back on my own to learn.