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Fooking OUCH!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Chef, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Seriously ouch!!!!

  2. 5 times...no make it six times now (and counting) that I'm watching this...sickening !
    Poor fella :(
  3. Hard to stop watching eh. He only gets hit at plus 100 so it's not all bad.

    I have a rear ender phobia, watching this is not HELPING!!!
  4. Mate, I was hit by 2 cars (both spinning toward me from behind) on the Hume Hwy ~2km south of Barry Rd intersection back in 1993. Back then, I was driving the trusty Kingswood HZ, which was written off in the accident...."Nooooooo, not the Kingswood ?!?! , I hear you say...
    Luckily, I wasn't hurt in any way (I almost did undo my seatbelt whilst stationary to pick something off the floor on passenger's side). The screeching behind is what saved my life - I looked in the rearview mirror to see 2 cars (ended up being P Platers) spinning out of control toward me, and grabbed that steering wheel, without locking my elbows, bracing for impact...damn, they hit me hard.
    The rear boot/fuel tank were squashed right up to the rear window and the transmission destroyed - needed a few helping hands to push the car off the road and onto the nature strip, where one of the cars had ended up. I count my lucky stars the 'wood didn't break out in a fireball...
    Took me a few months to get over that...
    But I wasn't on a bike.
  5. I got rear ended in a HR (hell raiser) holden way back when I first got my license and I never saw it coming. Damn near had a head on with the 1 tonner coming the other way and that probably would of been the end of that. I think that was life #2 I handed in.

    The other I wasn't involved in but i was on the bike. The two retards beside me made monkey love in their cages and I think that freaked me out more. That was a big fucking bang they let go with, and I'm still glad to this day they didn't do it in my lane. Or that would of been life #3 I handed in.
  6. Someone's looking out for you mate (y)
  7. Hard to kill bro......many failed attempts.
  8. First lap of the SuperSport R1 race at Barber Motorsports track, Alabama....

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  9. Holy shit....ouch!!!!
  10. Oh god that is sickening!
  11. did the rider die?
  12. Don't know the story behind this one....

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  13. He was obviously mad at the other rider so he picked up his bike and threw it at him.
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  14. Hahahaha....ya clown.
  15. His 'busa looks like it's tossed him off and transforming into 'Busabot', callsign 'Ballistic' :D
  16. It's a black ZX14 - of course it's winning. No need to throw stuff... bit extreme.

    I could be seeing things, but does the guy on the 14 look like he's also wearing sneakers on a drag strip?
  17. From the US Moto Gp

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  18. And I thought only cars got rolled to adjust the brakes lol
  19. Sorry - couldn't help posting this one.


    Looks like the shoe has melted or something!