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Food on the Hume Highway NSW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. Travellers between Sydney and the border have lots of choices, but close to Sydney it's a desert.

    Pheasant's Nest is open late, and most of the food is cooked to order, and reasonable cost

    Exter Shell diner has just been sold to the Coolabah Tree franchise, service is OK, choice is down, prices are up dramatically ($3.40 for a flat white coffee vs $2.85 under old owners) and coffee is now served in styro-foam cups (a pet hate)

    BP Marulan used to be awful, but it has recently been re-furbished, food is hot, fresh and reasonably-priced and a cheery lady brings it to your table!!!! (yes I know, hard to believe)

    Paragon Cafe Goulburn, worth going off the freeway for, coffee is awful, but the food is good and the chocolate milk shakes are the best.

    My wife and I travel this route regularly so we have watched the ups and downs of these places over along period of time. (And, of course, there's the Scottish restaurant at Exter and you'd-have-to be-hungry-jacks at Marulan)
  2. keep clear of the ripoff service centers on the hwy its self ....your better off taking a detour ..ohhhh and a new kabab/chinese takeaway has opened at holbrook rhs heading nth ... nice dude and an aussie to boot $ 5.50 for a monster kabab and hes a bike nut too
  3. Thanks Hornet - a lovely catalogue of food adjacent to the highway, but rather off topic.

    For food ON the Hume...

    Cold pressed wallaby is available at Holbrook before 10am (later on overcast days). Hot wallaby casserole is available at Holbrook after 1pm.

    The Gundagai Dog is now in the tuckerbox. Please close the lid when you're finished.

    You can cut your own wombat from the tar at Tarcutta.
  4. Did a run to Sydney for the Eastern Creek ASC round earlier this year and lost a heap of time when the car radiator sprung a leak 10 minutes before I was due to head off so I lost 5 hours getting it changed under warranty (gotta love owning a "new car") and ended up leaving at 1pm.

    Made the decision to only stop if I had to for fuel (me x3 & car x1) or a dose of numb bum and basically chose to eat either Scotish (McDonalds) or French (Jacques de la Hungry) mainly due to the speed they serve at and you can eat one handed once back on the freeway.

    Fast food, American style, has the advantage of being quick and consistant. Consistantly bad but consistant. If I'd gone the usual stop and sit down meal I would arrived well after midnight instead of around 10pm.

    And am I glad I arrived at the Gundagai Macca's before the bus load of RAAF cadets who arrived as I was leaving.

    The Hume would be like most freeways these days that are getting more and more about getting people fed quickly and out the door so they can finish their trip. 30 years ago, when even Hornet was a young lad :wink: , a Sydney-Melbourne trip by a family would've been a 2 or 3 day adventure but these days it's a one day scream up the freeway (well except for the 80km or so that's still not duplicated).

    If you ever get to do the Hume from the passenger seat of a semi it's well worth the effort in daylight as the veiw you get from up that high is certainly different from the drivers/riders seat.
  5. Some folk'll never lose a toe but then again some folk'll
    Like Chairman the slack jawed yok'll

    Fade Banjo's.
  6. Yep the choise is about as desolate as the landscap.

    Even most of the places in Berrima suck.

    There used to be a restaurant there called the Rooster (or Bantom), but it's a bit more then just a food stop and last time I was there they were talking about shutting.

    The Gumnut Pattisserie is very good however, if you are after cake. I know the owner and he used to work at some top internation hotels. Best Pasteries in NSW. Theres also one in Bowral.
  7. mmmm Gumnut Pattisserie, now you're talking.

    My daughter teaches kinder first and second class at Berrima Public School, so we often get stuff brought home; the lamb pie is like nothing I've ever made or tasted (and I was a chef for 17 years in another life)

    I think what I was trying to say what that there is no real choices these days; you walk into a place, the decor and uniforms might be different, but if you close your eyes while you're eating, you could be in any of them.......

    Having said that I enjoyed some yummy chicken strips (no, really) at the Grand Hotel in Bowral yesterday with Scumbag and Mrs Scumbag. Yummy food and great company..
  8. No mention of KFC...if you don't eat the chicken you are O.K! The wrap things are good, and don't get too messy. The burgers are overpriced, but easy to eat and not oily. I'd rather chicken on a long trip that one of the chain burgers, less oil and crud, and easier to digest. The Maccas rolls are very nice, the Tandoori Chicken one is excellent and fairly low in fat to boot. ALso easy to eat due yto it's construction. The KFC at Marulan is always pretty quick, and the chips are always freshly cooked. As said above, as least fast food is quick, you know what you are getting and open odd hours. I hate ordering a burger somewhere, being told 5 minutes and having to hang around for 20+ mins.... The other advantage to fast food outlets is consistently good toilets.
    I travel Lake Macquarie to Moruya at least 4 times a year, and usually go that way.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. There is a little pie place in Tarcutta that sells nice pies, the truckies are often found in there (which can be used a sign of which places are truly awful... no trucks :)